Saturday, November 15, 2008

33 Minutes From Launch to Armageddon

Barack Obama and Liberals in Congress plan to gut the American missile defense program, leaving America and our friends around the world with no defense against missile attack.

The Heritage Foundation is producing a documentary called "33 Minutes" to make the case for the missile defense system. The film will be February 2009. This is the 7 minute trailer for "33 Minutes".

To obtain a copy, or help pay production costs, or join The Heritage Foundation go here.

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Andrew said...

Quite frightening. I read a fiction book recently called The Flame of Heaven whose premise is the end of the world in which we meet characters much like these. I'd highly recommend it.A very plausible scenario. find at:

dcat said...

This isn't fiction I assure you!

Indigo Red said...

No, it isn't fiction, dcat. Not at all.

Thank you for the suggestion, Andrew. I'm sure the book you wrote is very interesting and plausible to anyone who believes that a long ago Persion princess could cast a hex spell centuries ago only to be fulfilled in modern times is actually plausable.