Sunday, October 26, 2008

What Happened to the First $80 Million?

There's an adage that all politics is local. Well, so are taxes. I've lived in Tustin, CA. for near 10 years and have rented the same apartment that whole time. I don't directly pay property taxes that subsidize city services like police, fire, and education. But, like every sane person buying goods and services, I want to see results from my bucks before I give more.

I got a flyer in the mail concerning a measure on the local ballot. Local politics is more direct democracy than is probably necessary, but we, the people, get to make our own stupid choices and then blame the results on the elected few. The flyer advocates a 'No' vote on Measure L. The Measure L asks for more money and says it's "for the kids". Over the years, I think most folks, Conservatives and the few honest Liberals see the kid schtick as a ploy to pull at the heartstrings.

The flyer says:

Six years ago the TUSD Board was given $80 million by you the Tustin Taxpayer; they promised they would fix up all of our schools, and before they have even spent all of the money, they're coming to ask for $95 million more. That is simply outrageous and irresponsible. It abuses the taxpayers of Tustin for 27 more years.The first bond passed in 2002 on the promise that it would do the job and has taxpayers indentured until 2032. The School Board that we have entrusted with educating our children want to extend that dept from $80 million to $175 million and extend the term to 2035. This is a clear assault on the value of your property.
I was going to vote NO anyway. This request comes up every election, which means every year. Though I don't have kids and think education should be funded full tilt, I also don't like being taken for a fool. The children of Tustin have always been among the best performing students in the state. Somebody is doing something right. It just doesn't seem to be the School Board.

Maybe Tustin has smarter students.

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