Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sarah Palin Interview with Hugh Hewitt

Gov. Sarah Palin was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt Tuesday afternoon. I hope she does many, many more of interviews like this.

Hewitt: Governor, you mentioned the people who are struggling right now. Have you and your husband, Todd, ever faced tough economic times where you had to sit around a kitchen table and make tough choices?

Palin: Oh my goodness, yes, Hugh. I know what Americans are going through. Todd and I—heck, we’re going through that right now even as we speak, which may put me again kind of on the outs of those Washington elite who don’t like the idea of just an everyday working class American running for such an office. But yes, there’s been a lot of times that Todd and I have had to figure out how we were going to pay for health insurance. We’ve gone through periods of our life here with paying out of pocket for health coverage until Todd and I both landed a couple of good union jobs.

Early on in our marriage, we didn’t have health insurance, and we had to either make the choice of paying out of pocket for catastrophic coverage or just crossing our fingers, hoping that nobody would get hurt, nobody would get sick. So I know what Americans are going through there. And you know, even today, Todd and I are looking at what’s going on in the stock market, the relatively low number of investments that we have, looking at the hit that we’re taking, probably $20,000 dollars last week in his 401(k) plan that was hit. I’m thinking, “Geez, the rest of America, they’re facing the exact same thing that we are.”

We understand what the problems are. It’s why I have all the faith in the world that John McCain is the right top of any ticket at this point to get us through these challenges. It’s a good balanced ticket where he’s got the experience, and he’s got the bipartisan approach that it’s going to take to get us through these challenges. And I have the acknowledgement and the experience of going through what America is going through.


Our stocks, you know, they took a hit yesterday. And then of course, just the same thing that other Americans are asking themselves today. We’ve got three teenagers. How are we going to pay for their college education? How are we going to make sure that we’re investing wisely today? We’re putting a lot of faith in other people who are using our money as investments. We have to count on the federal government to be overseeing these agencies and entities, making sure that we’re not going to get screwed on this deal, and that our savings are safe.

So there again, John McCain’s got some great ideas on granting authority, for instance, to the FDIC, making sure that our deposits are insured. He wants to increase that deposit insurance cap of all of our money, our savings, from $100,000 dollars up to $250,000 dollars, so that families like mine, so that we don’t have to worry about our money being safe or not under FDIC.


Hewitt: Last question, governor. Have you and Todd heard from your son? And how is it on your nerves having your son deployed?

Palin: That little stinker, I guess he’s called his girlfriend a couple of times, but can you believe he hasn’t called his momma yet? He’s over there. They were just leaving Kuwait heading into Iraq, and I am just so extremely proud of Track, my son, and all of the men and women, of course, serving in the military. I’m proud that my son made this independent and very wise decision as such a young man at 18, deciding—you know, he realized there’s something he can do to help, to contribute, to help protect our nation, and I couldn’t be more proud of him and all those who choose to serve in our military. They’re serving for the right reasons. God bless them, God love them.
The interview with Sarah Palin by Hugh Hewitt is only 10 minutes, but she said more in that short time than she was able to say with ABC's Charlie Gibson and CBS's Katie Couric combined. It's amazing what can be said when not being baited with gotcha questions.

Read or listen to the entire interview at the above link

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Marie's Two Cents said...

I just listened to that interview and that was great Indigo.

I think Sarah Palin will go back up in the polls after tommorrow night's debate :-)

Anonymous said...

Indi, here is a totally off topic little story to spice up your day. Walt Molnegan was the commisioner of public safety that Sarah stirred up all the brouhaha over when she tried to transfer him and he resigned. One night a few friends and I were at his house having a little choir practice when he mentioned that he had never known his father. His dad was killed in Korea when Walt was an infant. His father got the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumonously. I had never seen such a medal and asked Walt to produce it. He rummaged through a trunk and dragged out this tarnished medal with a soiled and wrinkled ribbon. One of my other buddies and I had become infested with alcohol by this time and decided to steal the medal. We took it to be properly restored and had it put in a glass domed display case before returning it to him.
This says nothing about Sarah, but it gives you a little insight into Walt's judgement and character.

Indigo Red said...

Tonight's the Palin/Biden debate, Marie. I am looking forward to this.

Thanks, Don. That does say a great deal about Walt Molnegan. I don't think I could fully trust him.