Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saddam Hussein to B. Hussein Obama in Three Short Steps

There are six degrees of separation between every person on the planet, or so it's claimed. Seems though that there are only three degrees of separation between Barack Hussein Obama and dead Saddam Hussein.

Daniel Pipes (Frontpage) makes the connection between the Iraq/UN Oil for Food scam and Obama's Chicago mansion. The dots connect Saddam Hussein to Nadhmi Auchi to Antoin S. "Tony" Rezko and finally to Barack Obama.

In three steps, these corrupt businessmen tie the Democratic Party presidential candidate to the executed Iraqi tyrant:

1. Saddam Hussein made use of Auchi: Auchi's fortune largely grew through his Iraq government connection, much of it sub rosa. In the 1980s, he procured Italian military ships. By 1993, the Italian banker Pierfrancesco Pacini Battaglia testified about Auchi bribing Iraqi officials for an Italian engineering company and called Auchi "one of the most important intermediaries in the affairs of Middle Eastern countries." Auchi is also a major shareholder in BNP Paribas, the French bank deeply implicated in the U.N.'s corrupt Iraq oil-for-food program.

2. Auchi made use of Rezko: Rezko lobbied for Auchi to be allowed into the United States. A wholly-owned GMHSA subsidiary, Fintrade Services Inc., transferred a loan of $3.5 million on May 23, 2005 to Rezko.

3. Rezko cultivated Obama: Rezko offered Barack Obama a job in 1990, which Obama declined. Still, Rezko persisted, hiring him for legal work and hosting in 2003 an early fundraiser that, writes David Mendell in Obama: From Promise to Power, proved "instrumental in providing Obama with seed money" for his nascent U.S. Senate campaign. Then, on June 15, 2005, just twenty-three days after receiving Auchi's $3.5 million, Rezko partnered with Obama in a real estate deal: while Rezko's wife paid the full asking price, $625,000, for an empty adjoining lot which they then improved, subdivided, and partially sold to Obama, Obama acquired a mansion for $1.65 million, $300,000 under the asking price.
Summing up: Barack Obama's house purchase depended on favors from Rezko, flush with a "loan" from Auchi, whose fortune derived in part from Saddam Hussein's favor. Read the whole sordid story here.
Well, at least some good will come from the illegal and shady dealings. Two little black girls have a home and food to eat.

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Gayle said...

I'm sure those two little black girls would be just as content in a smaller house. GADS!

Good post. :)

Indigo Red said...

It just frightens me to think where those two little black girls would be if their parents weren't scumbags par excellance.