Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ron Howard, as Opie, Says Vote Obama

The Andy Griffith Show is a jewel in the Hollywood crown. Every week Andy would dispense common sense wisdom to young Opie and the simple folk of small town America from right there in Mayberry.

Ron Howard played Opie thirty years ago. As Opie and Ron, he couldn't wait to grow-up like all youngsters. Well, now he's all grown-up, a successful film maker, and bald. And now he's dispensing his own wisdom to all of us simple folk in small town Mayberrys all across America.

Opie: Hey, Pa!

Andy: Hey, Op. You look like you got somethin' on your mind, son.

Opie: Pa, why are people so set on stayin' on the same road that's been messin' us up for so long?

Andy: Well, OP, people are funny. Sometimes change scares 'em and they'd rather keep on doin' the same old thing that's been messin' 'em up than change to the thing that can help 'em.

Opie: Like the time I wanted to fish for Lake Trout usin' peanut butter and jelly as bait?

Andy: That's right, Op. You got stubborn and wouldn't switch no matter what I said.

Opie: When I'm a grown-up, I sure would like to vote for somebody as good as Mr. Obama.

Andy: Well, if you stay healthy and strong, avoid any felonies, stay away from the butterfly ballot I bet you'll get a chance.
Seems to me that in this skit, Ron Howard, as Opie, is not understanding his own simplistic example. Andy says people don't want to change because it scares them with the insinuation being that Andy isn't one of those people frightened of change. Opie opines that it's like the time he wanted to try catching fish in a totally different way. Andy affirms the idea, but says he counselled against the new PB and J method because the old way worked best and no matter what he said, Opie was going to go his own way.

Opie appears here to be in the position of someone challenging the way things have always been done with Pa standing in the way of progress. Andy thinks the old way works just fine, but also seems to advocate for the new. Opie should be very confused. I know I am. Exactly who was being stubborn, Opie or Andy? I don't know. Seems both were being stubborn by the definition of the skit. Opie was dead set on trying something new, peanut butter and jelly, and Andy was dead set on using traditional bait, earthworms. Of course, the outcome of the episode was that Opie learned the old traditional method worked and the new experimental method was a total failure. The episode was instructive, funny, and heartwarming just as the Andy Griffith Show always was.

Ron Howard is trying to tell us that in the current Presidential race, the things that have been done in the past eight years are old methods, the traditional way of doing things. And they don't work. We need a change, a change to something that hasn't been done before, something new and non-traditional. But, in the TV episode example, the new way (Peanut Butter and Jelly/ Barack Obama) didn't work while the old traditional way (earthworms/ John McCain via George Bush) did work.

Ron Howard is confused. But, thanks, Ron. I'm not confused. Your video effort has reinforced my heartfelt desire to vote for the traditional American values and methods that have worked for more than 200 years. The new ways Obama wishes to try here have been tried in other places and no where have they been successful for 100 years. The new Obama way has failed everywhere and every time it's been forced upon people yearning to breath free.

I must ask the small town folk, please, cut Ron some slack. He played a beloved character in our youth. We learned much from Opie and Andy, much of which we learned was pure hogwash. But still...

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.

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