Monday, October 06, 2008

Pakistan to Deport Illegal Afghans

Pakistan ordered the deportation of about 50,000 Afghan refugees in an insurgency-wracked tribal region amid a major military offensive against al-Qaida and Taliban fighters.

The government said it was expelling all Afghan refugees in the Bajur tribal region, alleging many of them have links to militant groups. Police in the town of Khar in Bajur arrested 25 Afghans and said they would soon be deported.

"The orders have been issued to the tribal police to push all of them (refugees) out," said local government official Abdul Haseeb, adding that their homes would be bulldozed to keep them from returning.
When the Pakistanis finish deporting the illegal aliens from there, can they come here to round-up and deport the illegal aliens from the U.S.? Should be easier here. Our illegals are not armed to the teeth ... so far.

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