Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain Won First Debate and Here's Why

According to CBS News/Knowledge Network, voters who haven't made up their minds after years of this presidential campaign cycle think the debate Friday in Oxford, Mississippi was won by Barack Obama. The Atlantic and Marc Ambinder report,

Who would make the right decisions about the economy?
68% - Obama
41% - McCain

Who would make the right decisions about Iraq?
49% - Obama
55% - McCain
Now that the numbers are out in the open, let us recall the subject of this first debate was 'Foreign Policy'. When we look at the numbers from that perspective, we see something quite different -

Who would make the right decisions about Iraq?
55% - McCain
49% - Obama

Just for fun, from the foreign press:

Kevin Connely of the BBC wrote, " the foreign policy section of the debate, it seemed to me John McCain emerged a clear winner, although there were individual issues like Iraq on which the Democratic contender more or less held his own... Mr Obama's answer on Russia rambled quite a bit and veered off into a dissertation on the need to develop alternative energy sources - not his first of the night... On foreign policy it all seemed a little clearer, although I should say Mr McCain won on points..."

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Louise said...

How come the numbers add up to more than 100%?

Mike's America said...

Here is the chat replay you requested:

Indigo Red said...

Remember, Louise. These were questions asked of people who, after four-plus years of presdential campaigning, still can't make up their minds.

And, I refer you to my post on Democrat Math.

Professor Arkham said...

Consider this paraphrased quote:

"Polling is never useful. What do you care what people think? You should care only about information and right and wrong. Even if 100% of the people polled like hobbit movies they still suck!

Everyday on the TV news and in the paper you hear some poll quoted as if it contains some kind of truth that should influence how we think."

Now, having shared that, here is what it seems to me everything has boiled down to--the dregs at the bottom of the barrel if you will.

The way this country seems to be going it's as if our policymakers have already sentenced America to death and now we're just voting on who will be the Executioner.

Indigo Red said...

Professor, interesting points.

What do you care what people think? I'm glad you make that point because my answer is simple, I don't. Not even when you make your own thoughts known. Now, I'm not being insulting here. I'm sure your thoughts and opinions are valued by you and that is good. At least you are thinking. So very many people do not even attempt thought.

Your observation that we are simply choosing who will be the executioner is one that from time to time be pointed out by someone, sommetime, somewhere. Many have done so in the history of ths nation from Jamestown or Plymouth Rock to the present day. You are in honored company. However, countries and nations like individuals are sentenced to death at the moment of conception. Another method for nation-state forming is yet to be conceived.

As for whom the excutioner shall be was hit upon by Pogo, the cartoon character. Paraphrasing Pogo, "We have met the executioner and he is us."

handmaiden said...

I didn't watch the debates I was out campaigning but, many of the people I talked to were watching it. besides I don't own a TV. I'll catch it on utube when i have time.

Indigo Red said...

Handmaiden, the entire video and transcript are available at my other blog Indigo Continuum.