Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain-Obama First Debate Lowest Viewing Audience Ever

Fewer people watched the first in the series of McCain-Obama 2008 Presidential debates in all 55 of 56 largest TV viewing markets in this country served by the major networks ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, CNN, Telemundo, TeleFutura, and BBCA than watched the Bush-Kerry debate four years ago. So says James Hibberd's The Live Feed.

As I surfed the blogosphere today, I realized many did not watch the debates because they had other obligations, like work or children, that prevented their viewing the hour and one-half event. Often, the intent was to watch the debate on You Tube, the videos of which are too often cut and presented in segments so one is never sure if one is seeing the entire video content.

Indigo Continuum, another of my blogs used as a library archive for very long documents that don't fit well here has the entire debate as transcript and full video for all to use without comment from me. The video is as it was broadcast and the transcript as presented in a major international newspaper.

Video and transcript at Indigo Continuum.

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Tom said...

Will look at the videos when I get back to the States later this week.

Louise said...

I must protest!

"We're sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States."

Damned Yanks!!

Indigo Red said...

Damned Yanks, indeed! Where's this small world Gore and Clinton were talking about? Where's the neighborliness Obama likes to talk about?

Yeah, just talk. Just talk.

With John McCain and Sarah Palin we will more than just talk and the America of our better angels will be a gift to all people around the world no matter where they live.

Yes, even Canada.

Whoa...hold-on! Got alittle carried away there. Sorry, you can't see the video, Louise. But there is a 90 minute long debate transcript with which you can curl-up next to a crackling Earth warming fire with a cup of hot cocoa and read the very words of the two most mediocre candidates America has to offer.

Save a cup for me!

Louise said...

I went to YouTube and found it. Lost interest after about 2 minutes. So thanks for at least trying to save me from a mind numbing experience. LOL!!

Indigo Red said...

2 minutes, huh? Well, your interest last twice as long as mine.