Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ventura Highway to Hell

Ventura has a hotspot. Who knew? "It's a thermal anomaly," said Ron Oatman, spokesman for the Ventura County Fire Department.

The heat is rising from deep inside the Earth and for awhile no one could even guess what the 812 degree F surface temps meant or even what caused the hotspot. Now geologists think they know.

Allen King, a retired geologist with the U.S. Forest Service who went to the site Friday, said the smoking ground is "a normal occurrence" that does not appear to be the result of human activity.

The hot spot is in an area considered to be an active landslide that has shifted for more than 60 years. Several hundred feet below its cracked surface lie pockets of gas, tar and oil.

King said he suspects cracks along the landslide's slope allow oxygen to enter into the earth and hydrocarbon material to "seep out" of the fine-grain shale. The combination can create underground combustion, he said.

King said the depth at which hydrocarbon material can be found "varies tremendously" and that he does not know at what depth the combustion in the oil field is occurring. The 812-degree temperature was measured Friday about a foot below the surface, he said. No other temperature checks have been made since, according to Oatman.

During Friday's visit to the hot spot, smoke rose through five cracks in the ground. From a distance, it looked like "a small, smoldering camp fire," Oatman said. The smoke comes and goes, he said, and fire officials expect it will last until the next heavy rainfall, when water and mud plug the fissures.
Or maybe it's SATAN!

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The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Or maybe it's SATAN!


And somehow, I bet George W. Bush is responsible....

...and global warming...

...which George W. Bush is also held accountable for, because it's happening *cough* on his watch.

Mike's America said...

Yeah, it's global warming. But it has nothing to do with manmade CO2 emissions.

indigo rose said...

global warming... it's an inside job!

Indigo Red said...

LOL...inside job!

It's actually what libs claim as the cause of AGW - oil.

In many parts of So Cal raw petroleum can be smelled in the air. Santa Barbara is one place that on days when the breeze is right, it's like sticking your head in an oil drum. The hydrocarbon vapors seep up from far below making a beautiful place stink.

There is often so much oil in the air at Huntington Beach that when driving along Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), the car is coated with a slime that just smears when wiped.

There is so much oil under So Cal and the coastal plain that it forces it's way to the surface. Folks frolicking on the sand will get black globs sticking to their feet. It's oil tar that seeps from fissures and deposited on shore.

All of that oil goes to waste, pollutes the environment and mankind has nothing to do with it.

Louise said...

The global warmists have gone underground!!

Maybe that explains why portions of the Arctic are experiencing their coldest summer on record.

Indigo Red said...

Would that be the ... Weather Underground? Harharhar!

60 degree summer. Now that's cold. Evem Hawaii is having their coldest summer on record.