Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin VP

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, is John McCain's Vice-Presidential running mate. Gov. Palin has served only two years as governor after serving on the city council of her town and sitting as Mayor. Palin was born in Idaho Feb. 11, 1964 and her parents moved to Alaska to teach shortly thereafter. She earned a B.S. in Communications/Journalism in 1987 from the University of Idaho.

The Palin family lives in Wasilla, Alaska (pop. 6500) 30 miles north of Anchorage. Her husband, Todd is a blue-collar North Slope oil worker and is part Native American, Yup'ik Eskimo. The couple have five children - Track, 19; Bristol 17; Willow 14; Piper, 7, and baby Trig. The Palins learned four months into the last pregnancy, that Trig had Down Syndrome, but they never had any thought to abort the baby. "We understand that every innocent life has wonderful potential," Palin told the AP when Trig was born in April.

Her eldest son, Track, enlisted in the Army in 2007 and is assigned to Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks. On a trip to Germany in 2007, Gov. Palin stopped in to visit with wounded military personnel at Landstuhl Medical Center. In the photo, Palin speaks with Army Private James Pattison.

Will Sarah Palin make a good running mate and Vice President ... only time will tell. Her rather meager political background is still more than Barack Obama who is running for President.

One interesting note - Alaska and Hawaii were the last two states admitted to the Union and are the farthest flung from the Continuous 48. With Obama from Hawaii and now Palin from Alaska thsi is the first time the two "forgotten" states have had national attention at such a high level.

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Anonymous said...

A regular Harriet Myers if there ever was one.

Tom C said...

She is a damn nut! What the hell was he thinking?

Mike's America said...

I'd say your two viewpoints above are in the very smallest minority among conservatives tonight.

By picking Palin, McCain signaled to conservatives that he IS listening to us. How would Tom C feel if McCain had picked Lieberman?

Choosing Palin energizes the conservative base and gives us a reason to vote FOR the ticket and not just against Obama.

And I agree that "Her rather meager political background is still more than Barack Obama who is running for President."

Funny how the Dems tripped all over themselves today to attack Palin for her lack of experience which only draws attention to that same deficit in Obama.

Palin may be only a heartbeat away from the presidency if McCain is elected, but Obama would sit in the Oval Office on day one.

This is a game changer and I am ecstatic about McCain's choice. Palin is the fresh face and new conservative leadershipe we have been looking for.

Anonymous said...

I knew her when she was the mayor of Wasilla and she was one tough customer. A friend of mine was the chief of police and when they had a disagreement, she boote him out the door and made it stick. She has a steel backbone. I think it was a good choice. Don

Tom C said...

Mike, My choice always has been someone that served in the senate or house, ie Duncan Hunter. Yes she has a steel backbone, and no she doesn't have enough experience. Now we have the pot calling the kettle black. I believe Biden was chosen for his foreign policy credentials. McCain might have looked for someone with some buisness credentials.

Tom C said...

So Don, what do you know about that firing? Was it really over her sisters husband? Or was your friend in need of getting fired?

Indigo Red said...

Wow! I know a guy who knows the VP nominee.

Good query, Tom. Palin has already been challenged on the firing as being a personal vendetta and abuse of power. Wasilla is a small town and everyone knows everything.

What's the story as you know it, Don? I bet it's nothing like how it's being portrayed.

Tom C said...

I have strong reservations about her tax strategy too. It might seem like fun to raise the tax burden by 6 billion to the oil companys, and then give alaskans twelvehundred dollar checks for energy help, but dont you think they just passed the cost on to the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

I am searching my memory banks and can't remember all of the details. The chief who was a friend of mine and a colleague for 12 years was always an uptight guy who couldn't compromise on anything. When you have a boss and refuse to listen to direction you get the boot. It is pretty hard to describe the compexities of succeeding in a small town political situation. I had similar problems myself, but I remember thinkiing that Palin was in the right and Irl was being stiff necked. I really wish I could remember all the details but I just can't. Don

dcat said...

Heh! I knew it! Ego on his part! Thank you Don!

I'm with Mike with that great choice for VP!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Mike, My choice always has been someone that served in the senate or house, ie Duncan Hunter.

Nothing wrong with Duncan Hunter; but as slim as her seeming experience has been, I think executive experience is worth more than that of being a lawmaker.

Her pick has revitalized the base that has been unenthused to jump on the straight talk express. I think it's been a very smart choice, by team McCain. Really, I see the positives weighing out the negatives.