Friday, August 15, 2008

Russia Threatens Poland with Nukes, Robs Georgian Bank

Russia has invaded Georgia, threatened that Ukraine may be next, and today has warned Poland they too may be a target for Russian nukes.

Anatoly Nogovitsin, the deputy head of the Russian armed forces, warned Poland that by hosting the shield it could become the target of a nuclear attack in war time. "The US is concerned with its own anti-missile defence, not Poland’s. But Poland, by deploying [the shield], will be exposed to attack."
While threatening the life of Poland, Russian forces in Senaki, Georgia captured a large weapons cache of American manufacture.

Russian forces have seized a "large arsenal" of U.S.-made weapons in the western Georgian city of Senaki including hundreds of assault rifles, a military spokesman said Friday.

"In Senaki, we seized a large arsenal of weapons including 664 U.S.-made M-16 rifles" and a number of M-40 sniper rifles, General Anatoly Nogovitsyn told a news conference in Moscow. "There were 1,728 weapons total."
Weapons wasn't the only loot Russian forces grabbed. In a scene reminiscent of "Kelly's Heroes", a band of Russian brothers robbed a bank.

The band of gun-toting men were caught on CCTV forcing their way into the bank in Gori. Once inside, the men are seen breaking into the teller offices and rifling through the desks.

They are then caught making off with what appear to be armfuls of equipment including laptop computers and perhaps even cash. The outrage took place amid some of the bloodiest fighting in Gori, which is on Georgia’s main east-west highway.
Okay, the Russian version wasn't that exciting. But, it was pathetic.

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Um was that in the manual? ;)

Indigo Red said...

Depends on whose manual you read.