Monday, August 04, 2008

Rat Bastard or American Hero: Disabled Fireman Finished 8th in Body Building Championship

Albert Arroyo collected his full $68,000 tax free annual salary after filing for a disability pension last April. While working as a Boston Fire Department fire inspector, Arroyo hurt his back. Dr. John Mahoney determined that because of his back injury, Arroyo was "totally and permanently" disabled.

Fifteen days after filing for permanent disability, on May 3, Arroyo placed eighth in the WNBF Pro American Body Building Championship.

DAMN! All I have is arthrogryposis multiplex congenita - a cheap-ass birth defect. If only I had a sore back then I could collect my tax free money, too. Oh wait! I do have a sore back, and sore feet, and sore hips, and sore everything else. Most days it hurts to walk, never mind posing in my underwear in public. According to the government, I'm not crippled enough to be crippled, handicapped, disabled, or even challenged. I am gainfully employed. Damn me!

Maybe if I was an unscrupulous, unethical, scum sucking lying pig I could collect my tax free money. But, alack and alas, I have those damned morals and ethics.

I had best finish this and go to bed because I have to go to work in the morning to earn my daily bread that pays my bills, buys gas for my car, puts a roof over my head, food in my belly. And sometimes I can donate a bit of my hard earned money to help people less fortunate than myself, like those who don't have legs, or arms, or morals and scruples.

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Tom said...

Wow!! He must have had a hell of a physical therapist to get results in 15 days!!!

In all seriousness, it is stories like these that make me want to puke. It's hard enough for people like you & me to go out and work for a living, but to know that some people who need help and can't get it because of lying cheating bastards like this is depressing.

I think a review is due...

Gayle said...

I think a review is long overdue! Good grief!

I can't figure this one out, Indigo. Did they award this jerk all that money because he was a Fireman? This truly doesn't make any sense at all. I went to the link that describes the disease you were born with and it's far more disabling than a bad back!

Off topic: Thanks for trying to help with the Firefox problem. I finally got it fixed and posted an update. Sheesh! It took six hours to figure it out!

indigo rose said...

This guy was not a FIREMAN, he was a FIRE INSPECTOR.
He didn't help fight fires, or carry heavy loads. He assessed buildings for correct building materials and maximum capacity, he had to know codes and be able to fill out forms or go to court.
I suppose he could have had a heavy briefcase.....

Mike's America said...

Maybe he was just trying to set an example: even disabled persons can go on to become Mr. Universe.

Though it does seem his claim to disability is somewhat diminished.

Indigo Red said...

Since 1994, there has been a growing bodybuilding sport of the disabled... Wheelchair Bodybuilding. Check it out. The work the builders do is really quite impressive.