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Muslim Family Vows Suicide if Rapists of Daughter Are Not Punished

Honor killing. We've all heard of it by now. We know that it is practiced mostly by Muslims and other backward societies in which a family's reputation is more important than the life of a family member. We all know by now it is almost exclusively girls and women who are the victims of the barbaric tradition. The cause of the family dishonor is often as trivial as overcooking a meal, as stupid as having fallen in love with the wrong person, or as insane as being a rape victim.

Honor killings happen the world over now, not only in countries dominated by Islam, but anywhere Muslims make their home. Many examples and links could be provided as "here and here", but I won't. Any search engine is overflowing with stories of honor killings. Despite the tragic story of each death, they are all the same story. Men and boys rape. Women and girls die. It's all very primitive.

Irshad Manji, the Muslim women's rights activist explains that the real crime is in tarnishing the honor of the family, clan, and tribe.
"Honor is the ... tradition that requires a woman to sacrifice her individuality to maintain the reputation of the men in her family. This, in effect, turns women into communal property. Their lives don’t belong to them. Their lives belong to a wider group of people — their clans, tribes, even nations.

[W]hen a Muslim woman is accused of dishonoring — of shaming or breaking moral codes — the punishment against her can be mammoth. Again, that’s because her life doesn’t belong to her, but to a bigger body. So that in “smearing” her personal reputation by being the victim of rape, she winds up tarnishing the reputation of many more people — with the penalty having to be large enough to compensate them all."
It is usually the father or husband who decides the family's honor has been impugned and must be cleansed with the blood of his daughter or wife. It is the boys and men who usually carry out the murder, but the women of the family have also participated.

To be honest here, the barbarous tradition exerts a great deal of pressure on the men and boys to carry out the killing. So much so, that it is possible that many of the killers do so very reluctantly, aware and absolutely frightened of the danger remaining for the entire family if the killing is not carried out, honor restored, and their world set right.

Another factor is Sharia law which requires that a ruling "for a rape to be validated, victims must have four witnesses to the crime. If not, the victims can be charged with fornication or adultery." The four witnesses must be men and usually the only male witnesses are the rapists themselves. Sharia also says that the testimony of two women equals that of one man. So, in the case of rape, eight women need to risk death to save one life.

All this makes a recent story from Afghanistan all the more incredible. As told by CNN's Atia Abawi:
The young Afghan girl sits in the center of the room, weeping. Using her hand and her blue scarf to hide her face, she recounts how she was brutally raped by five gunmen.

The 12-year-old girl's family members say they'll take their own lives unless justice is served.

"We will all commit suicide; this is not living," cries the mother of the girl, whose gang-rape occurred in Northern Afghanistan.

The girl's adolescent voice pleads for help from Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan.

The girl's elderly and immobilized father trembles and can only raise a quivering hand as he sobs. He is rendered helpless in a country where a man's dignity and honor is protecting his family.

Her little brother sits in the back, far too young to understand the situation but still traumatized by the devastated cries around him. He wipes away his tears.

The children's mother sobs. "We've been violated. We can't live our lives. We can't sit. We can't sleep at night," she says.
They have since met with Karzai, according to an aide who said the president wept with the family and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice. Karzai has fired the police chief from the city where the attack occurred, the aide said.

The family lives in a government-provided safe house in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Just last week, a 3-year-old girl was kidnapped and raped by unidentified men, a government official confirms. The toddler was later released and, the official says, is recovering.
Sayed Nurallah says his 14-year-old daughter was [a rape victim.] Nurallah says that coming forward with his daughter's story makes him a target, which he firmly accepts. He says that seeking justice for his daughter is a matter of integrity.

"She wakes up in the middle of the night screaming," Nurallah says of his daughter. "Her arms, legs, her body -- she is always tense and frightened."

Nurallah also pleads for justice. "I have one question for Mr. Karzai: If this was your little girl, what would you do?"

His firm tone changes to one of grief. He breaks into quiet sobs.

"I just want justice for my child," he says.
The men of these families are truly men. They will not kill their daughters because of some inane tribal code set down by primitive perverts so long ago no one remembers why. These fathers stand before their god, al'Lah, and say "NO! I will not kill my child and let the criminals go free to rape other little girls."

These men are the seed of a new justice in a primitive society. They are abandoning a system that very much favors them all for the love that a father has for his children. Their lives would have been so much easier had they just gone along with the program and butchered their daughters. But instead, these fathers, these men have chosen to risk everything to see justice done for the littlest victims. In doing so, they may supplant honor with integrity, and transform an entire religion.

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The Griper said...

people are always yelling that it must be muslims themselves that must prove themselves by rejecting the stereotype. well, stories like this are a good beginning, i think. good job.

dcat said...

I think they are f-up cults and the only way to have a good life is to leave the bullshit cult all together!!! Move the hell away from their twisted back ass families just like folks in abusive environments need to do! They weren’t your family to begin with and they are sick in the head!

I didn’t read the whole thing because I am sick to death of all of them! YES every last one! I turn my back with a mirror and a shot gun just in case!

No love loss here for any of them Indigo and I will not apologize either!

Indigo Red said...

Since you did not actually read the post and get to the conclusion, I can only adjudge your comment as another hasty and foolish rant devoid of any intellegent thought.

I don't expect an apology and wouldn't accept in any case. I don't accept apologies and neither do I give them.

It is difficult reading the rants at your site, but at least I do my freind the courtesy to read the whole thing before leaving my ill conceived and foolish comment.

Indigo Rose said...

Rape in any country is a tough ordeal to deal with. Even in our more open-minded country a female is still looked at as a person who has "asked for it".
I am hoping that these men, women and their children can survive the insults, and their neighbors religious judgements. In the end, someone still might put them to death, but at least they will have put up a fight to make changes.
This is the time for Mr. Karzai to step up and make a difference in his country.
And as for the comment left by dcat about them leaving their families and moving away... perhaps she is unaware a woman has no rights in Afghanistan. She has no money, no right to travel without escort and death would be the only way out of the troubles her leaving would cause. Just another case of a mere woman dishonoring her father,her family, her clan, her religion.

dcat said...

They should have never been in such a skrewed up cult in the first place!

Indigo I just have had it with islam all together! I hope they get away and ditch the rags and vow to take islam down!

Glad to hear they are in a safe house.

I hate islam!

Indigo Red said...

Rose, let me explain the greater enormity of the suicide threat by the family as oppossed to the rape of the daughter.

Rape in Islam is seen as an affront to the family and clan. The barbaric tradition holds that the woman must be killed because women are temptresses sent by Shaitan (Satan) to lead good men astray. I know this sounds (and is) stupid, but the rape victim isn't really being punished for being raped. She is being punished with death for doing Satan's bidding.

I am in no way defending rape or the ludicrous practice of klling the victim. The monumental stand these men have taken must be understood within the framework of their own beliefs.

Now consider... since rape is an affront to the family and clan, what then is suicide? God is the giver of life and only God has the right to end it. In the Islamic tradition, whoever commits suicide, that is takes ones own life, has superceded God's wishes. The suicide then is a direct affront or insult to God. The suicider will endure the same death for all eternity, except in cases of mental incapacity.

Now, if rape brings dishonor to the family/clan, but not to God, and the rape victim must die, and a suicide is an insult against God the Almighty, the dishonor in its totallity devolves upon the entire family, clan, tribe, and nation. What kind of punishment would one think God would have in mind for them. It would be unthinkable.

Multiply the suicide of one by an entire family and then you can understand the elephantine threat these fathers and their families have given to the nation of Afghans.

As for Dcat, she is very much aware of the situation of women in Islam and often speaks out against it. Recently, she made a plea for all her readers to see a Fox special about an honor killing that occurred in Texas.

Sometimes, Dcat's anger gets away from her. She's a good person who has no patience for stupidity, i.e., Islam.

And I'm glad you came back to read the whole post, dcat. I hate Islam as well, but there are Muslims who are risking all to change it. We should help them in everyway we can. The reality is that Islam is not going away. It can be reformed as Judaism, Christianity, and most other rerligions have been.

dcat said...

I even put my 2 cent more of my wrath at my place.

FYI: I don't plan to let up on the cult "islam" either!

but there are Muslims who are risking all to change it.

They need to shut it down all together! I have them all pictured as idiots! The world will or already have as well! All that are left are a few stragglers that need to be trapped and put down!

Gayle said...

Indigo, Dcat is speaking out of emotion instead of logic and reason. I understand his anger because I sometimes feel that way myself, but my feelings are just emotions and we do have to live in the real world. Muslims are not going to give up Islam, and it's going to take Muslims to change the radical aspects of it. I also detest these so-called "honor killings" (as if anything can be honorable about killing your own wives and children) but the west is not going to be able to eradicate that type of thinking without taking out the entire Middle East and that simply isn't an option. Besides, think of all the women and children who would be killed then!

Neither is it Islam that we should hate. It was a decent religion until that desert rat pedophile Mohammed got into the act! There would not be any such thing as honor killings without him. I respect these men you blogged about because they and other muslims like them are really the female Muslim population's only hope. We can tell that the women's rights groups in this country are completely avoiding this issue. Shame on them!

dcat said...

It's a CULT!


I am going for Islam’s juggler vein and not letting go!!!

Indigo Red said...

Gayle, before we go any further, I want you to know Dcat is a woman. A lovely blond who drives topless. Her car is a convertable. Dcat has an interesting life in and out of her head...Dcat is special to me because she 'discovered' me as a blog writer when I wrote my first blog that did't go anywhere. She encouraged me to write more and here we are.

Dcat is hard on folks who pussyfoot around and hard on folks who don't stand their ground. Hence, our reactions to one another can be a bit harsh. At all times, she is my friend and I hers.

dcat said...

You know I love you Idigo! :)

Sometimes it is tough love :D :D :D ;)