Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is Sarah Palin a Bad Mother? You Be the Judge.

No sooner had Sarah Palin been introduced as John McCain's Vice-Presidential running mate, than Democrat liberal leftists began their attacks on Sarah as a "bad mother".

Conservative blogger Bill Hennessy writes at Hennessy’s View,

They’re calling KMOX Radio in St. Louis to give the “bad mother” mantra. Here’s the line: What kind of a woman would leave a newborn and 3 young daughters behind while she campaigns for Vice President of the United States? ... According to Democrats, then, women belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. How dare a child-bearing-aged woman aspire to high office. Know your place, woman!

The calls were not organic, but driven by the DNC and the Obama campaign. The calls were scripted and shallow.
Open Salon's Heather Michon, observers,

Wow. It took maybe three hours for the various pundits on the tee-vee to ask The Question: is a woman with five children, including a newborn with special needs, really fit to be Vice President?
Allahpundit says of the Democrat onslaught,
"This is phase one. Phase two will be, “Wouldn’t a strong, responsible, authentic feminist woman have aborted it?”
Andrew Sullivan uses an e-mail from a friend to further the debate.

No sooner did my best friend hear about the Sarah Palin pick than I received an e-mail from her. It said simply: "Sarah Palin is a Bad Mother!"
And the Daily Kossacks are just plain sick.

You be the judge as to whether or not Gov. Sarah Palin can be a good mother and Vice President at the same time. These photos were made Friday, the day Gov. Palin was named McCains running mate. Many more photos are at McCain Blogette

Gov. Sarah Palin accepts VP position as John McCain's running mate from the family's view.

Sarah and Piper Palin working the line. Piper's a natural.

Willow Palin cradles Trig after the introduction ceremony. Trig was born with Down's Syndrome. Sarah and Todd knew of Trigs condition before birth and accepted the child wholly and unconditionally as did his siblings.

Mom has arrived with baby stuff and twin Blackberrys. Trig snuggles into Bristol's shoulder as Willow and Piper look on.

Bristol cuddles Trig as Mom and Piper settle after facing the crowds and press.

Sarah checks messages on two Blackberrys while holding Trig.

Sarah plays with Trig as Bristol looks on.

John McCain takes a caffeine break while Sarah Palin attends to her children.

Trig is held tight by big sister Piper. Cindy McCain is in the blue dress and Todd Palin holds the baby's bottle of milk.

Trig is a lucky little guy to have such caring sisters as Bristol, Willow, and Piper.

Sarah feeds her infant son at a People Mag photo shoot. John and Cindy are coiffed for a photo.

Piper holding baby brother Trig as parents and McCains are photographed for People Magazine.

Piper caring for her little brother in a most grown up way.

Todd, Sarah, Trig Palin with John and Cindy McCain in a family portrait for People Magazine.

As a former crippled child and currently a crippled man, I see nothing that would make Sarah Palin a bad mother. She and her family are well situated to care for a Down's Syndrome child and indeed bring attention to the still unmet needs of the crippled, disabled, handicapped, and whatever other terms that are used to sweep the whole subject out of sight.

There are libtards asking, "i just want to know who she’s going to hand off her sick child to when shes off and buzzing the middle east?" First, Trig is not "sick". He has a genetic disorder, an extra chromosome 21, that makes him a little bit different. His abilities are unknown now and, like all children, his abilities will be discovered as he grows up.

Trig's life will be pretty much like any other child's. He will eat, sleep, and poop (seemingly more than he eats) like any baby. He will learn and develope more slowly, but next year at this time, he will be able to sit up, roll around, laugh, and play with toys, family and friends. Generally, the only real impediments in his life will be morons who think he is "sick" and in need of constant care.

No, Sarah Palin is not a bad mother. Neither is Todd Palin a bad father. They have a challenging future and they are meeting that future with grace and joy and love.

Too bad so many liberals cannot face life with even half the acceptance as the Palins and all those other families who have members with special needs. It's truly pitiable that so many people see Trig and me and thousands of others as the NAZIs phrased it, "life unworthy of life".

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Tom said...

All these pictures show me is that this is a close family. The fact of a Down's Syndrome baby is immaterial.

Indigo Rose said...

There are a lot of women, married and single, raising children and going off on work related business. What do those women do? Their children are cared for by the dads and siblings, grandparents and friends.
From what I've seen and read about children with Down Syndrome they have an extraordinary gift of loving... looking on the bright side of life.
Didn't a Tampa Bay coach have a D.S. son? He lived beyond the expected years. He was on the sidelines with his dad, accepted by the team members and always gave positive input.
Trig, Bristol, Piper, Track, and Willow are Sarah's life... and that makes being Vice President a very important job.
And, on the runner-up to Miss Alaska side of Sarah.... she really does want World Peace.

Gayle said...

The liberals believe in killing babies! They have some nerve even bringing such a thing up. What idiots! But it's proof that they're running scared, Indigo, and they have every reason to be scared. I will be so happy when the debates get going. Palin and McCain will make mincemeat out of Obama and Biden. Evidently Obama knows it, because let's not forget he wouldn't do those town hall meetings with McCain.

dcat said...

The leftards are idiots tell me something I don't know already Indigo!

They are still shitting their pants and coughing up blood over this great VP pick! LOL

Indigo Red said...

Agreed, Tom.

LOL, Rose! Like Sandra Bullock said in Miss Congeniality, "...and world peace." Wasn't our sister pregnant with a Down's baby that miscarried?

They sure do, Gayle. There's a group of high school students decrying the fact that one-third of their generation has been killed by abortion. Smart kids.

Read the next post, dcat. A Kos writer says something you would not guess in a million years.

Anonymous said...

Get up to date -- the question is whether Palin provided proper supervision & role modeling for her teenage daughter. It's great to hear that Sarah will become an accidental grandmother, rather than forcing her daughter to have an abortion. But, isn't there something in conservative dogma about not letting teenagers screw around in the first place? Sarah may make a good grandmother, but she ought to give up on politics now -- before she embarasses the right-wing even more.

Indigo Red said...

First, that is not Anonymous Don. It's another Anonymous Idiot.

The focus of Conservative sex education is, of course, abstinence. Forgiveness and reality are also Conservative tenets.

Bristol's mother, Sarah, indeed was a role model. Bristol made a mistake and took responsibility for the situation. Bristol learned from her mother and father that life is precious whether or not created within the bounds of the lawful wedlock.

"Oops!" is not a valid excuse to kill a baby despite what Liberals teach in schools and bathroom walls.

From the way the Right Wing and Left Wing are responding, I'd say it's the Left which is the embarrassed and embarrassing party.

dcat said...

Right O Indigo!

Anonymous said...

Notice how they used the 4 month old as a prop to hide the 17 year old's pregnancy.

The only bump McLaim is going to get out of this Convention is a baby bump.

the other anonymous

Indigo Red said...

Then, T.O. Anonymous, you didn't actually look at the photos. Willow also was holding Trig and Piper did her part in the child holding duties too.

I have five sisters and two brothers. With each of my mother's subsequent pregnancies, the oldest daughter always took the new baby when Mom was unavailable. Not sexist, just the way it is. It's more ageist probably. The eldest child tends to be the third parent in most multi-child families.

Merge Divide said...

Here's a question that's gnawing at me- If the Palins were so concerned about Bristol's privacy, why did they choose to throw their kid under the bus when it became politically expedient to do so? If they were genuinely concerned about making sure her pregnancy did not become an issue, they could have simply kept her out of the public eye for the next two months. That's what they wanted to do anyway. Instead they decide to quell those "nasty rumors" by dropping the dime on their daughter. They could have simply released Trig's birth records instead, and everyone would have gotten red in the face and slinked away. Something is definitely rotten in the Great White North Territory. This needs to be addressed. The Palin family and the McCain campaign have made it all fair game right from the beginning.

Indigo Red said...

I don't know whhy you would think Bristl's pregnancy was a secret being kept from everybody. Everyone in Wasilla and Alaska knew. Read TIME.

No one was thrown under a bus, no dime was dropped, nothing was sacrificed. Release Trig's COLB? You're not too clever. Have you seen what the Right has done to Obama's birth certificate? For something that is not a secret?

It might have been a secret if no one knew, but as TIME points out, everybody knew. Including John McCain.

The rumors about Bristol being te mother of Trig, were not simply rumors. They were vile speculation the sole purpose was the destruction of the McCain/Palin candidacy.

The Palins had no intention of keeping Bristol out of the public eye as evidenced by the fact that she is out front in family photos.

Okay, if you libtards can handle a fair game. There are just some things leftist liberals are simply not prepared to comprehend. This is one of them - premarital, underaged sex, not approved; mistake and result of same, joyous event.

Merge Divide said...

In their statement today, the Palins were clear in their desires to keep this out of the media. By using their disclosure to answer internet rumors, they legitimized them, and extended the drama. They should have simply let it pass, or (like I said) just released the medical records to make the rumormongers look foolish.

Your wrong in maintaining that "everyone knew". If that were the case than the story wouldn't have had much traction. Just look around- people are stunned. The McCain campaign is on record as saying that many high-level staffers didn't know about it.

As it is, this drama has made it look like McCain has lost control over his entire campaign. And this is only two-and-a-half days after Dayton.

This does not help Palin promote her profile as the "good mother". She looks like the typical absent parent who prioritizes her ambitions over her family. She looks extremely self-serving for accepting the nomination. The only people that will spin this into a good thing are those who are already converted. I'll be surprised if Palin makes it through the week without bowing out altogether. This is only the beginning.

Indigo Red said...

In your jaunt around Rightwing blogs this weekend, you may have missed that I have posted the Palin statement. It reads -

"We have been blessed with five wonderful children who we love with all our heart and mean everything to us. Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. We're proud of Bristol's decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents. As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support.

"Bristol and the young man she will marry are going to realize very quickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they will have the love and support of our entire family. We ask the media to respect our daughter and Levi's privacy as has always been the tradition of children of candidates."

Nope. Nowhere did they say they wanted to "keep this out of the media." They did ask the media to respect the privacy of Bristol and Levi. Nowhere did they state, announce, broadcast, intimate, insinuate, or otherwise imply the pregnancy was a secret. That you inferred a secret that didn't exist, says more about you than it does about the Palins.

Since the rumors were that Bristol had been pregnant with her brother Trig, were in fact false, in no way was the announcement of Bristol's current, first, and probably not last pregnancy a legitimization of the aforementioned rumor. Never was there a rumor tha she was pregnant now. In fact, many rightwingers were trying to convince the leftist bloggers there were two different pregnancies. But, the left was too caught up in their own narrative.

I didn't say "everyone knew." Please quote me correctly. Especially when my words are just above. What I wrote was, "Everyone in Wasilla and Alaska knew." I doubt Wasilla encompasses the entire planet. It's a small town, after all.

McCain and his campaign kne about the pregnancy. How could he have lost control of his entire campaign. My goodness, you are grandiose. Why would it be necessary for "many high level staffers" to know?

The point the Palins were making, that the left missed, was this: Bristol's pregnancy is not a secret but it is also a private family matter, thank you.

That's a mighty big jump to assume that Sarah Palin is a bad mother because her 17 year old daughter made a bad choice. I suppose Sarah could have been a better mother in your eyes had they quietly killed the baby and ignorred the entire incident, but killing babies is an even greater bad decision.

There is no evidence whatsoever that Sarah is an absent parent. In fact, Alaska recently paid Piper's airfare to accompany her Mother to an official event in Northern Alaska. An official said that is standard practice. Sarah has often taken her children with her on official trips and brought them to the office when they weren't feeling well.

You write, "The only people that will spin this into a good thing are those who are already converted.' I would say equally that the only people who see something nefarious in the situation are those who already hate Sarah Palin and her family.

"This is only the beginning." That sounds like a threat against a nominee for the vice presidency. You realize, don't you, that is illegal.

Expect a visit in a week.

Anonymous said...

Palin would have been a better mother if she had allowed her daughter to attend sex-ed classes.

It was Palin who made it public. But how could they not? It was becoming obvious.

As for the baby being used as a prop - show me one picture where Bristol the Pistol was shown full length without the baby?

Indigo Red said...

" me one picture where Bristol the Pistol was shown full length without the baby?"

No. Do your own research. I'm not falling for that old Liberal troll scam.

Alaska has a full sex-ed curriculum of which Bristol was a participant. Also, in Alaska the age of consent is 17 years old. Sarah Palin did her job. At 17 Bristol made her own decision based on the sex-ed you promote. Nice job, Liberal.

Feel free to avail yourself of the link to TIME magazine in comment 9/01/2008 08:46:00 PM. The pregnancy was not a secret.

Beyond that, go away. You are tiresome.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with eyes can see that they were covering up her baby bump.

It's statutory rape if the boyfriend is over 18.

To say that her pregnancy, though obvious, was well known outside of Alaska is disingenuous.

Indigo Red said...

Countering leftist boors is just too easy.

"To say that her pregnancy, though obvious, was well known outside of Alaska is disingenuous."

Now to T.O. Anonymous:

I didn't say "was well known outside of Alaska." Please quote me correctly. Especially when my words are just above. What I wrote was, "Everyone in Wasilla and Alaska knew." I doubt Wasilla encompasses the entire planet. It's a small town, after all.

Merge Divide said...

indigo red,

you wrote...

"many rightwingers were trying to convince the leftist bloggers there were two different pregnancies."

Well, as you mentioned... I spent most of the extended weekend studying the developing story, and I visited multiple blogs and boards... and I saw NOT ONE mention that there were two pregnancies. Anywhere. Now you may say that I just didn't see the right blogs- but are you going to honestly say that the story of two pregnancies wouldn't have migrated within minutes?! If so, I don't think you are being sincere. The idea that this was a "well-known" story is just damage control. Many McCain staffers didn't even know about it. That qualifies it as a "secret" in most people's eyes.

Even saying that everyone in Alaska knew is merely your own creation. Do you live in Alaska? Have you talked to all of them? That's simply ridiculous, so why correct me about accuracy?

Now you are the one trying to attribute beliefs to me. It may be your narrative that says that every one criticizing Palin is doing it because they think she should have killed the fetus, but again... that's your own (and/or the right wing's) creation. Again... ridiculous.

If you want to defend Ms. Palin's motherhood strategies, then (of course) that's your prerogative. I believe her public and self-reported actions so far demonstrate her poor judgment. I'd be embarrassed to try to defend them- but go for it, if you like.

As far as trying to distort my words into a threat- that's libel, and you should restrain yourself from making such provocative claims. But not only do you have the complete lack of human decency that leads you to accus eme of what I haven't done, but you actually have the internet balls to threaten me?! Who's the visit coming from, Indigo? You have some special squad of Brownshirts you're not telling us about?

Indigo Red said...

The most important question first:
"Who's the visit coming from, Indigo?"

I was referring to your statement, "I'll be surprised if Palin makes it through the week without bowing out altogether." Simply, I would visit your sight in a week to say that Palin is still on the ticket. Don't be so paranoid.

If this whole discussion was about Barry doing something, and after a weekend of thrashing, and I left a comment on Serendipity as "This is only the beginning", exactly what would you think? Honestly. And keep in mind the interpretation of the first Q addressed.

References to known pregnancy (and please read them this time):

AGAIN, TIME mag:,8599,1837862,00.html

Beyond that, do your own homework.

"Now you are the one trying to attribute beliefs to me." All I did was mirror your ridiculous charges back at you with my own ridiculous charge. Not nice, is it?

It is not illegal to make provacative claims. You have made unfounded and provacative claims yourself right here in this thread - "You have some special squad of Brownshirts you're not telling us about?" That's just one provacation, but you don't see that as a provoking theme because you are a liberal thus you can't believe anyone could possibly disagree with you. Oh, well.

And lastly, "...are you going to honestly say that the story of two pregnancies wouldn't have migrated within minutes?!" Yep. And no I'm not going to give you web citations. Check the web today. You leftists are still talking about Bristol being the mother of Trig. Incredible.

Merge Divide said...

Well, consider the context of what you said. You wrote:

" 'This is only the beginning.'

That sounds like a threat against a nominee for the vice presidency. You realize, don't you, that is illegal.

Expect a visit in a week."

Either you are a poor communicator, or you meant to threaten me. I'm glad you are saying that wasn't your intention, but try to read what you wrote with fresh eyes, and you'll understand whatever "paranoia" I displayed.

And either you knew I wasn't illegally threatening Ms. Palin and you accused me of it anyway to make some sort of twisted point, or you are simply a poor reader.

By all means though... visit my site as often as possible. I welcome dissenting views on my blog, but please leave any personal insults or threats behind, if you can.

If the tables were turned, it might suggest that you had actually researched the opposing candidate, and knew that there was plenty of other fodder with which to attack the campaign. Since when does "bowing out" mean 'physically dying' in the context of a political race? You can't honestly expect me to buy that interpretation.

And you might want to try different links- I keep getting "page not found". That certainly doesn't bolster your argument, and also makes your "Beyond that, do your own homework" look pretty damned silly.

I'm not talking about Bristol being Trig's mother, and I am on record in numerous places saying that I believed the rumors were a distraction. Try again.

Indigo Red said...

"I keep getting "page not found"."

I just tested every link and address. They all work fine. However, when I tried the hollywood-newsroom the first time, I kept getting my own e-mail page. When pasted into a new window, it worked fine. There may be a problem with your browser.

The Google search words I used were
: bristol palin pregnancy not secret.

It is never silly for one to do one's own homework, even if the links don't work.

Merge Divide said...

Sorry... all I'm finding is "Bristol pregnancy was an open secret back home". And they are talking about the little town where Palin was mayor. Is that what you are referring to? Listen, I'm not going to do YOUR WORK for you.

"It might have been a secret if no one knew, but as TIME points out, everybody knew. Including John McCain."

"Everyone in Wasilla and Alaska knew."

Those were quotes you wrote, and they are completely unsubstantiated. Besides, even if EVERYONE in Alaska knew, the key point is that the lower 48 were in the dark.

There are plenty of open secrets in Alaska about Palin. And they are on their way. Are you going to claim you knew about them ahead of time, each in turn?

Indigo Red said...

Oh, good grief!

You are to read much more into the story than is there. I said the secret was known to people in Wasilla and Alaska. That is true. That you personally didn't know about the secret, doesn't mean squat.

Now go away. You are tiresome.

Merge Divide said...

I quoted you accurately, as you requested. There is a qualitative distinction between what you said and what you claim now. As far as going away is concerned... it's your blog. If I am stepping over your personal boundaries, you can simply censor me.
That's the type of thing I'd expect from you anyway.

Indigo Red said...

Yes, it is my blog and I do control who comments here. I do have policy against stupid people (not liberals who can do the following) who refuse to read or track a conversation.

MD, you are one of those who cannot read or follow a conversation.

Now you have your totally out of context quote to show how closed minded, bigotted, and fascist this rightwinger really is that you can publish on your own blog.

Merge Divide said...

Suit yourself. If you would rather fling insults than address the issues, then I'm fine with not participating in a discussion with you.

Anonymous said...

How about that Presidential election, eh?

Anonymous said...

well look who is in the white house now. I do think palin will ever get there. by the way its the 23 chromosome that has the extra. Bristol palin was only with the guy that knocked her up till after they lost. those kids were being controled