Monday, August 11, 2008

15 Years for Murder, 19 Years for Drug Selling - Are We Freakin' Nuts!?

Robert Chambers killed a woman in Central Park Aug. 26, 1986. Jennifer D. Levin, 19, was found dead behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. "The girl was lying on her back. Her mini-skirt had been pushed up to her waist. Her bra and shirt were pushed up to her neck. Her panties, if she had been wearing any, were missing. There were no stab wounds or gunshot injuries, only the very obvious red marks on the girl's throat. She also had bruises, bite marks and cuts on her body, which indicated a lost fight for life."

As New York's finest processed the crime scene, a short distance away joggers and pedestrians paused to watch. Susan Bird asked a man sitting on the wall what had happened. He said he thought police had found a body. Within days, Bird saw the man again when his photo was splashed across newspapers from coast to coast. Robert Chambers, 19, was arrested and charged with second degree murder.

Two years later, Chambers suddenly agreed to a guilty plea. He was sentenced to prison and was released Valentine's Day after serving 15 years for assaulting, raping, and killing a fellow human being.

Because of the death of Levin, the underage drinking, privileged Manhattan kids, and the apparent consensual, casual rough sexual activity, Robert Chambers was dubbed the "Preppy Killer".

That is the short story of depravity. But the story continues...

Robert Chambers, now 41, has once again been arrested and again has pleaded guilty. This time he was charged with selling drugs out of the Manhattan apartment of his girlfriend, Shawn Kovell.

Okay, now it gets really sick. For selling drugs out of his girlfriend's apartment, Chambers has been sentenced to 19 years and four months in prison.

Did you all get that? Fifteen years in prison for assault, rape, and murder. Nineteen years for selling drugs from a Manhattan apartment.

Makes me wonder who is the real sick bastard criminal - the rapist, killer, drug dealer Chambers, or the members of the justice system and the rest of us who hand out greater punishments for drug dealing than killing.

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BB-Idaho said...

Good point. Murder has been regarded as one of the highest crimes since the dawn of humanity,
proscribed in the Judeo-Christian
commandments. Selling drugs is relatively recent on that scale, and as a crime seems less harmful.
Who knows how we end up with a system of jurisprudence where law
and morality sometimes seem at cross purposes?

dcat said...

liberals! They think criminals should have rights!!!

Indigo Red said...

I, too, believe criminals have rights. I believe criminals have the right to die. Liberals believe only the unborn, infirm, and elderly have the right to die (but only with state sponsered aid, of course.)

dcat said...

And I agree with you!

Gayle said...

Liberals don't value any human life besides their own, Indigo. No, we aren't nuts, they are!

Indigo Red said...

Yeah, they value their own life, but only if it's not held in higher esteem than carrot. All living things are equal, you know.