Friday, July 11, 2008

Israel Uses US al-Anbar Airbases

The Pentagon and Israel are denying reports that the Israeli Air Force is using American air bases in Iraq in preparation for a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. The Jerusalem Post reported July 11th the IAF landed a large force at an American base in al-Anbar near Haditha after crossing Jordanian airspace during the night.

Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman, Major-General Mohammad al-Askari, "As the Ministry of Defense, we haven't observed any IAF warplanes practicing in Iraqi airspace."

Planes landing and taking off in the dark of night, it's not hard to believe the IDM didn't see the Israeli Air Force. The Israelis usually remove all markings from their equipment on special operation missions. From TIME magazine, June 22, 1981, describing the Osirak bombing mission to destroy "the French-built Tammuz 1 nuclear reactor at El-Tuwaitha, 10½ miles southwest of Baghdad... In September 1980, the Israelis received additional intelligence. Taking advantage of the confusion at the start of the Iraq-Iran war, unmarked Israeli planes flew over the reactor site, gathering valuable data. "

In an article entitled "Friendless Fire?", David Walsh writing for about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty June 8, 1967, "...multiple, close preattack overflights by Israeli reconnaissance planes, the attack by unmarked jets, and the U.S. flag standing out continually."

Should the American base in al-Anbar be used by Israel to attack the Iranian nuclear sites, unmarked IAF jets will be only 5 minutes from the targets at Bushehr.

Publically, the US is opposing any Israeli action against Iran. Atlas Shrugs points to another JPOST from July 8th which which spoke with Dr. Anthony Cordesman, "The US has opted at this point to stick to the diplomatic track in its efforts to keep Iran from going nuclear, and has made clear to Israel that it shouldn't attack Iran without White House approval." ... Israeli officials confirmed that Cordesman's statements indeed reflected the current tone of US policy.

Before the Osirak strike, the Reagan administration advised negotiations with Iraq to halt Saddam Hussein's nuclear program. Although Reagan didn't know about the air raid preparations, he continued to caution Israel against taking any military action. According to the Israeli Insider, June 25, 2004, after learning of the raid, "...Reagan was furious and the U.S. supported the UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel. On the other hand, the U.S. ambassador to the UN, Jeane Kirkpatrick, was one of Israel's staunchest defenders, and the U.S. vetoed more than a dozen other anti-Israel resolutions.

While other presidents privately threatened to withhold aid or take other measures against Israel, Reagan did not hesitate to publicly punish Israel. After Israel annexed the Golan Heights in 1981, Reagan suspended the strategic cooperation agreement prompting Begin to accuse Reagan of treating Israel like a "banana republic." The U.S. also suspended the delivery of F-16 jet fighters to Israel after the raid on Osirak. In both instances, the penalties were only temporary."

Post raid, Reagan acted on incomplete information believing Israel had not consulted with the US and other allies before the mission. President Reagan wrote in his diary, "June 16 - We have just learned that Israel & the previous admin. did communicate about Iraq & the nuclear threat & the U.S. agreed it was a threat. There was never a mention of this to us by the outgoing admin. Amb. Lewis cabled word to us after the Israeli attack on Iraq & now we find there was a stack of cables & memos tucked away in St. Dept. files."

I was living in Irvine, CA., near El Toro Marine Base, during Gulf War I. The Pentagon would say by day there were no troop movements to the Gulf and no C-130 Hercules cargo jets were flying from US bases. For about a week, during the dead of night, heavy aircraft were taking off every few minutes from El Toro. I could hear them while in bed trying to sleep through the noise. In the low city lights, there was a moment of ascent when the shape of the planes were visible against the black sky.

Just because the Administration and the Pentagon say there are no plans to bomb the Iranian nuke sites, doesn't make it so. The Israelis have pulled off complex secret missions before and have used unidentified aircraft. The US has also covered large scale operations quite well from the general public. Because any actions against Iran would necessarily be secret, it isn't possible for me to say whether or not Israel will attack Iran's nuke sites. All I know is that I've seen the current activities before and violent world saving actions have followed.

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The Griper said...

you know what amazes me is, that people would actually believe that any secret plans would be revealed just because they are asked.

questions of that sort should never be asked in the first place.

Indigo Red said...

Agreed, Griper. I live my life in an almost constant state of amazement.