Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Iraq Report Card - Baghdad Plays Well with Others

A sense of urgency may be as foreign to Iraqis as holding hands during a dinner and movie date, but progress is still being made. The disAssociated Press got a copy of the Iraq report card that says Iraq has made satisfactory progress in 15 of 18 areas of concern.

In the past 12 months, since the White House released its first formal assessment of Iraq's military and political progress, Baghdad politicians have reached several new agreements seen as critical to easing sectarian tensions.

They have passed, for example, legislation that grants amnesty for some prisoners and allows former members of Saddam Hussein's political party to recover lost jobs or pensions. They also determined that provincial elections would be held by Oct. 1.

In the May progress report, one benchmark was deemed to have brought mixed results. The Iraqi army has made satisfactory progress on the goal of fairly enforcing the law, while the nation's police force remains plagued by sectarianism, according to the administration assessment.

Overall, militia control has declined and Baghdad's security forces have "demonstrated its willingness and effectiveness to use these authorities to pursue extremists in all provinces, regardless of population or extremist demographics," as illustrated by recent operations, the White House concludes.

"Iraq has the potential to develop into a stable, secure multiethnic, multi-sectarian democracy under the rule of law," Ryan Crocker, U.S. ambassador to Iraq said in April when he last testified before Congress. "Whether it realizes that potential is ultimately up to the Iraqi people."
One question remains - who signs the report card?

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Gayle said...

Good question, Indigo! :)

It's also good news but of course to hear the Democrats, nothing good has ever happened in Iraq. Brother, do I get tired of hearing that!

Anonymous said...

If we withdraw prematurely, Iran will issue the final grade!

Indigo Red said...

And that 'final grade' won't be on Iraq, rather on the US.