Thursday, July 10, 2008

54 Years Ago

Uncle Harry, Nannie, Aunt Laurel, Cousin Harry. New Jersey, July 10, 1954

I have no idea who these people are or were other than their names and the photo was made on July 10, 1954 in New Jersey.

In the very early morn, miles and miles west, I was born.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Tom said...

It would be interesting to see if they are part of your family tree.

Indigo Red said...

I wouldn't be surprised if we were related. Actually, Tom, it's altogether possible you and I are related. Now there's a frightening thought.

Marie's Two Cents said...


Since I have been at my mom and dad's in California since my mom passed away I keep finding pictures with no expanation at all as to who the people are in pictures.

They look like they were taken in the 1920's 30's, and I know they are related to me but I dont know who they are either!

Once I get it all organized and put together I am going to do a family tree because I am absolutely dieing to know who all these people are!
I have a gazillion cousins and someone has to know something!

It is really worth it once you have something to go on, to find out who the people are and who your decendants were.

I have a long way to go but I Intend to find out!

Good luck in your quest.

If you find out how to get ahold of other folks that know how to do a family tree, PLEASE! Let me know :-)


Indigo Red said...

I've pictures of family members in shoeboxes and someone in the family must know who they are. Often they can be id'd from other photos that other, more dillegent people have writen the names on the back.

Ask aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, consult class year books, diaries, letters, churches...just old fashioned sleuthing. The Mormons can help with geneology records as the Church of Mormon has the largest database in private hands. They also have photos and copies of photos. My cousin does family histories and she got photos from the LDS that we thought were long gone.

As for the people in the photo of this post, they are not my family at all. I was searching Google for a picture to illustrate July 10, 1954 as my birthday and the photo album of this family was there. They had a family party that Satuday an drecorded it. It is pure coincidence they are in this post.

The Griper said...

welcome to the world on this day, indigo. now go to your mother and thank her for putting up with such a pain as you, both then and now. lol

Gayle said...

I'm a day late, Donald! Happy Birthday anyway. I hope you had a great one. Quite a few things happened on the day you were born. Check out this link:

Gayle said...

That didn't work to well. I'll try again:

Gayle said...

Okay, Indigo, I commented on this post and two posts below this one and on every single post I called you "Donald!" I don't know why I thought I was on Donald's post, but let me wish you a happy birthday, Indigo, and please forgive! *sigh*

Indigo Red said...

Thank you, Griper. That is indeed something I need to do.

That's ok, Gayle. Being that I go by Indigo here, you really don't know that my name ISN"T Donald. It's a ggod name. And thank you, too.

Indigo Red said...

A bunch of stuff happened on July 10, and what encarta has is just a sample. Thanks agian, Gayle.

Gayle said...

I came over to make sure I was forgiven, Indigo. You're such a gentelman. :) Thanks!