Sunday, June 08, 2008

New Blogger Asks, "Why Obama"

Several weeks ago, I happened upon a blog written by kindred spirits. The blog is written by Jillian Becker and Matthew Slijyper and they call it The Atheist Conservative.

From their writings, it is clear they share the cultural, social, and political views of most my readers and the bloggers I regularly read. Like me, their religious views are different.

In her latest post today, Jillian asks, "Why Obama?"

Has there ever been a candidate for the presidency as unqualified to be elected as Barack Obama?

Since he is so completely unqualified, one is compelled to ask: ‘Why do so many people want him to be President?’

Is it because he is black?

I have a suspicion that for many people this is true.

In which case, they are plainly racist.
Read the rest of Jillians comments at The Atheist Conservative which I have also linked in my blogroll. Her writings are spare and to the point and, I think, you'll find yourself in agreement more often than not.

Believe it or not, many atheists have morals and ethics and a great respect for the religious traditions of the United States and Western Civilization. We would hate to witness the destruction of same.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Gayle said...

Regarding her questions, the answer to number one is definitely "NO".

To whether they are voting for him because he is black, many Black people are, obviously. There are also those whites who won't vote for him simply because he is Black. Race is definitely a factor, Indigo, but for the majority of those who like him, I think he's simply got them hypnotized with his gift of gab. On my last post a liberal writes that he doesn't agree with Obama's plan to cut the military but will vote for him anyway! This is blind loyalty and I believe it is caused by his Pied Piper gift of gab. He's like a Rock Star who is nuttier than a loon, but people attend all the concerts anyway.

Indigo Red said...

I know a guy like that too, Gayle. He has his own business, hates the higher taxes, the competition from illegals, doesn't want to pay for their health care and education, wants the border closed, and go after the devil spawn muslims big time. But he won't vote Republican. He'll only vote for Demoncrats.