Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Thoroughbreds Put Down After Track Injuries

Boxing is dangerous and should be banned. That's what we've been told for years by do-gooders. I don't recall any pugilists euthanized in the ring because of injuries, though. What about this from the disAssociated Press:

"...thoroughbred racetracks in the U.S. reported more than three horse deaths a day last year and 5,000 since 2003, and the vast majority were put down after suffering devastating injuries on the track."

Photo: Eight Belles injured and euthanized on the track May 3, 2008.

On Saturday last, in the 1st race at Churchill Downs, a jockey was injured and his horse was euthanized ... or was the horse injured and jockey euthanized? A second horse was put down in the 4th race, too. Anyway, that's alot of horses being put down and alot of horse steaks going to waste in a food deficient world.

Thoroughbred horse racing is in dire need of reform. Yes, they are only horses, but still, without being anthropomorphic and maudlin, these animals need some protection from a very greedy sport from which the horses get little more than a pat on the neck and a lump of sugar while the owners who get lucky also get very rich.

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