Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mexican Immigration Bus Attacked, 37 Migrants Freed or Kidnapped

There is an odd story coming out of Mexico last Wednesday. Searching the many pages carrying the story, all commentary extends to the famed corruption of Mexico and bribery.

Six men armed with "heavy caliber weapons" stopped a Mexican bus in Chiapas state, reports Mark Stevenson of the AP. The bus was transporting illegal migrants picked up in Cancun to a detention center in Tapachula. Thirty three of the prisoners were from Cuba and four others from Central America. The attackers blocked the road, forced the seven unarmed immigration agents and two bus drivers off the bus. The bus then took off leaving the Mexican G-men standing at the side of the road. The empty bus was later found near the jungle city of Ocosingo.

Officials say they don't know who carried out the hijacking or why. They speculate that human smugglers were recovering their charges or were kidnapping the prisoners for ransom. It's happened before. But this is the first time an assault was made on migrants already in custody. Mexican immigration hasn't said who was on the bus.

Cubans have increasingly used Mexico to enter the US. Cuba is listed as a terrorist state by the US and still has close relations with Syria, Lybia, and other Arab/Muslim states. The El Salvadoran/US gang MS-13 is known to smuggle terrorists into the US charging $35,000-$40,000/person. Some of the 9/11 hijackers got into the US with the help of MS-13.

Recovering their charges seems far fetched to me. The smugglers get their money up front and often abandon the migrants to their fates when things get dicey. Kidnapping for ransom is more believable, but so far, no one is known to have been contacted to pay.

So, who was on the bus that was so important that a Mexican immigration detail had to be attacked by six men with heavy weapons only to disappear into the jungle?

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Gayle said...

I don't know. It's a mistery, Indigo. It's a bit weird, to say the least! This is the first I've heard about it. I wonder if anything more will come out about it or if it will just be dropped.

Indigo Red said...

I think the story has already been dropped. There might have been some more important news about Brangelina's babies.

Anonymous said...

I think the bus was hijacked by nsome lettuce growers from the Imperial Valley!

really Don

Indigo Red said...

Wouldn't the suspenders have given them away?