Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm Offended

Freedom of Speech is under attack as never before. It is happening under the guise of the 'shouting fire in a crowded theater' and 'words that could reasonably be expected to result in violence' doctrines enunciated by members of the Supreme Court which, in context, did so to protect the public from those who wished to destroy public cohesiveness and harmony, thereby bringing down the country and nation.

Jihad Watch and HotAir have created a mostly silent video to demonstrate that speech is being silenced. This post began as a simple comment of a few lines at Razor Sharp Claws which has posted the video, and the comment just grew.

Those of us who object to the Politically Correct atmosphere should recognize that these attacks and PC are not going to disappear on their own. The laws which we created to protect our society and our members are being used to tear us asunder until oblivion is achieved. We should start using the PC rules to fight back.

I'm offended by being called an infidel and kafir;

I'm offended by being called a tool of the Religious Right - I'm an atheist;

I'm offended by being told I cling to my gun and God when times get bad - I don't own a gun and see previous;

I'm offended by being called a 'Bushy' ( mostly because it just sounds childish and stupid);

I'm offended by having to pay higher taxes so someone can stay home to raise their kids;

I'm offended by being discriminated against because I'm not Gay;

I'm offended by being called non-Gay rather than heterosexual as if heterosexual is not normal;

I'm offended by being asked as a crippled man, 'what is normal?' We all know what normal is and isn't. It isn't being crippled, it isn't being gay, it isn't being grossly or morbidly obese, it isn't being a crazy with stupid ideas about global warming being manmade; it is being of sound mind and body, it is being attracted to the opposite sex, it is eating meat and vegetables, it is knowing that climate changes everyday with or without the help of mankind;

I'm offended by being called non-Hispanic as is if Caucasian or European is a pejorative, and besides, Hispanic is Caucasian and European;

I'm offended by hyphenated national identities. If you hold US citizenship, you are American - period, no hyphen, no special status;

I'm offended by being called a Fascist because I support America, oppose evil, and distain stupid people;

I'm offended by being told I cannot buy mylar balloons because they disrupt electricity delivery though no one has any examples of any such occurrence;

I'm offended by being told I cannot opt for plastic bags because millions of sea birds, seals, and dolphins have been killed by plastic bags washed into the ocean though no can point to one plastic bag caused death of any sea creature;

I'm offended when the food aid I pay for goes to people in need who consume the food and survive, then claim I am selfish and uncaring and still want to kill me because I was so soft in the head that I actually gave food aid to a stricken enemy;

I'm offended by drunks and drug addicts who collect government aid for their disabilities of choice, but I cannot collect for my physical limitations from birth though I struggle through my days and nights in pain;

I'm offended that the first people to be eliminated by the NAZIs in Holocaust, the cripples, the retarded, those deemed 'life unworth of life' still have no memorial. The last person killed by the rules developed by NAZIs for the Holocaust was a deformed baby born in 1946 Vienna.

I'm offended by being told that denying Antropogenic Global Warming is the same as Holocaust denial;

I am offended by many things which I simply accept as part of life. I'm offended mostly by cry babies who cower at the sound of the slightest slight, whose heart bleeds until they have no more to bleed and then must stab someone elses heart to continue the bleeding.

I'm offended and I'm not going to take it anymore.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


dcat said...


Thanks Indigo! WE WILL WIN!!!

don said...

Hey Indi, I'm offended by all the same things but mostly I am offended that it is necessary to list all these things because our country has strayed so far toward idiotic PC.

Indigo Red said...

Second that, Don. We've gone to far afield.