Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hillary Clinton - Quitter

Nobody likes a quitter. Hillary Clinton will quit the Democrat presidential campaign Friday.

It's over.

Sen. Hillary Clinton will drop out of the presidential race on Friday, ending her historic bid for the White House and ceding the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama, ABC News has learned.
I am so disappointed. I knew there was a good reason I didn't like her.

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Marie's Two Cents said...

Oh Sweet Jesus lol

Those pictures on the side of your post are so hillarious :-)

I still think Hillary should take this all the way to the Democrat Convention!

Operation Chaos!!!

Indigo Red said...

After looking at the many faces of Hillary, I felt a moment, a very brief moment, of sympathy for Bill. Then I felt evil delight that he has got some of what he deserves.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Bill Clinton's dreams of becoming the first First Gentleman are dashed! He coulda broken a glass ceiling, folks!

Anonymous said...

A fascinating political circus. I have no qualms about a black president. Just not Obama!! Where is JC Watts when you need him?

Indigo Red said...

Bill Clinton, a Gentleman. Now there's something that does not come quickly to mind.

I agree, anonymous. Though it is the liberals who are chanting 'first black president' and will vote based upon skin color, it is people like you and me who will oppose Obama upon the content of his charactor that are called racists.

todd said...

If America ever elects a black president she deserves to have one that’s stands for American values. That’s what I find real strange, the democrats have a history of klan affiliation and racial animosity and now we see that they have embraced blacks who are the other side of the racist coin. I wouldn’t vote for a klansman and I certainly wouldn’t vote for their black partners in hate. We deserve better if we had not stood up against slavery who would have? It’s no coincidence that after our lead most of the rest of the slave trading world followed that’s our real legacy and one that these race baiters want us to forget about. As I said we all deserve better we have earned it the hard way.