Thursday, June 19, 2008

Get Cancer in Oregon, State Health Plan Will Kill You

Private health care insurance pays for all kinds of treatments including expensive cancer treatments, though they may be futile. Under Oregon's socialized medical program, cancer patients are encourage to commit suicide. If the victim patient is not well enough to kill themselves, state medical personnel will assist, i.e. kill the patient.

State officials say the Oregon Health Plan prioritizes treatments, with diagnoses and ailments deemed the most important, such as pregnancy, childbirth and preventive care for children, at the top of the list. Other treatments rank below, officials said.

"We can't cover everything for everyone," Dr. Walter Shaffer, a spokesman for the state Division of Medical Assistance Programs, told the paper. "Taxpayer dollars are limited for publicly funded programs. We try to come up with policies that provide the most good for the most people."
The state says cancer is a high priority, but treatments that are futile and only palliative are a waste of taxpayer money. The stricken are deemed life unworthy of life.

Barbara Wagner, an Oregonian cancer patient, was refused $4000/month. However, the Oregon Health Plan did offer to pay to have her killed by assisted suicide. Bioethics Pundit writes at Bioethics.Com blog, "We have been warning for years that this was a possibility in Oregon... Medicaid is rationed, meaning that some treatments are not covered. But assisted suicide is always covered."

In California, AB 2747 was approved by the State Assembly May 28 by two votes and had bipartisan legislative opposition. The bill goes to the State Senate for debate. Assembly Bill 2747 mandates

"physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants give a patient, while being diagnosed with a terminal illness or with a prognosis of one year to live, information about pain management options that are fitting only for persons who are imminently dying.

"AB 2747 has very little to do with improving care. Instead it is a vehicle for Compassion and Choices' long-term agenda. Let's not forget that this is the organization formerly known as the Hemlock Society," noted Marilyn Golden, Policy Analyst, Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund.

"It sets the stage for Compassion and Choices' hoped-for future legalization of assisted suicide in California. It would mandate that doctors discuss with patients still a year from death, unusual end-of-life courses of action including voluntarily starving and dehydrating themselves. The opposition by the doctors who are most experienced with end-of-life care, such as the Association of Northern California Oncologists, illustrates how medically inappropriate these mandates are."

Socialized medicine, assisted suicide, Islamofascism, terror wars, Democrats - it's enough to make a grown man cry.

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dcat said...

That is what a living will is for and then they are truly killing you and should be prosecuted as murder in the first degree!!!

The morphine will eventually kill you though.

Indigo Red said...

So will the cancer...and life, for that matter.

Yeah, I call it murder, too.

Gayle said...

You call in "murder", Indigo, because that's exactly what it is. People are expendable! #@%&!