Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Warhead Intercepted by US Missile

The US missile defense system scored its 29th success on Friday. In previous target intercept tests, the system was four for four against single stage SCUD type missiles. Fridays test was to prove the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, THAAD, against a multi-stage missile after warhead separation.

"At approximately 4:31p.m. HDT one THAAD single-stage solid fueled missile was fired from its eight missile canister mobile launcher based on the edge of the Pacific Ocean on the western shore of Kauai, Hawaii streaking upward through the dark cloud layer... The kinetic intercept occurred a few minutes later using the missile's infrared heat-seeker in the upper atmosphere as the separating offensive warhead went through re-entry on its terminal phase of flight. Differing from previous tests was that the target missile was dropped from a C-17 Air Force transporter before it ignited and traveled through space."

"This test demonstrated THAAD's capability to take out a two-stage missile, as its previous 4 tests demonstrated THAAD's success with the single stage scud like missile. This successful test follows the activation of the US Army's Alpha Four Battalion for THAAD last month at Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas."
Not too bad for a missile defense system that, according to the Democrats, is a complete and utter failure as well as a total waste of tax payers money that could have been wasted on Liberal projects.

Woo-hoo for the good guys!

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don said...

You had better stop confusing those entitlement freaks with facts! Don't you know that all that money belongs to people who don't want to work for their own? There is nothing I would rather do than pay taxes to buy a baseball cap for someone to wear sideways on their head when they thankfully don't have to be at work. Don

todd said...

There is a history of this kind of wrongheaded thinking, remember Billy Mitchell? He was courts martialed for the sin of advocating Aviation as the new form of warfare. He said that it would make the Battleship obsolete in an age when Battleships were icons of a countries power and feared nothing on the high seas. That’s why they sometimes refer to them as dreadnaughts, well we all know how that story ends don’t we.

Indigo Red said...

Libs, Don, are easily confused. I'm with Sen Moynahan on this, 'You can have your own opinions, but you can't have your own facts'.

Don't forget the oversized droopy drawers and underwear that complete the ensemble. I have, on occasion, seen this get-up without the underwear. A most disturbing sight!

Yes, we do, Todd. I'm sorry to see the battleship go; they were magnificent and the USS Missouri was resurrected for the Gulf War I.

The submarine and missiles were supposed to end the era of the flattop, but with the countermeasures developed, both have survived. I still think there is a place for battleships if their mission was redefined, but it's the money that gets in the way, although a nuclear B-ship fitted with missiles and cannon shouldn't be any more expensive as a carrier.

Won't happen, though. Too much asset in one place with too many support vessels.