Monday, June 23, 2008

A Few Words About Race From Scott Simon of NPR

Scott Simon hosts the National Public Radio show Weekend Edition Saturday. I like Scott Simon and this past Saturday I had a chance to like him a little more.

In a radio opinion piece, Simon criticized Barack Obama for the assertions he made that Republicans are going to try make Americans fear him. Obama said, “They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black? ... We know the strategy because they've already shown their cards." Well, I don't know what cards the Republicans have shown that would bear upon Obama's race. Are there racist bigots in the Republican Party? No doubt, just as there are racist bigots in the Democrat Party.

We all know NPR to be a liberal act, but sometimes they say something worthy of a listen. So, for 3 mins, 6 secs, I ask you to listen to Reflections on Race and the Presidential Election.

John and Cindy McCain adopted several years ago a little girl from an orphanage in Bangladesh. To my knowledge, John McCain has never played any race card in any political race, although it was played against him in the 2000 S. Carolina presidential campaign by George Bush which he spoke about in a 2000 interview with Dad Magazine. Scott Simon and his wife adopted a little girl from China a few years ago. Both of these families love their daughters very much.

Barack Obama has shown himself to be lacking in honesty, humility, judgment, patriotism, knowledge, faith, and character. Without these qualities why should he be surprised if he is judged by the color of his skin. It's the only thing he has left, though he's corrupted that, too.

Sen. Obama is unworthy of the highest office in the land. Not because he's black or part Black, part Arab, part Caucasian. No, that racial mix plus honesty, humility, judgment, patriotism, knowledge, faith, and character could have guaranteed him the Oval Office. He is unworthy because Barack Obama, the man, is unworthy no matter what color he is.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you haven't been paying attention. John McCain has surrounded himself with special interest lobbyists. That is why last week McCain called for more offshore oil drilling.

I don't want more oil wells off the coast of California and Florida. The rigs are not safe and an oil spill will ruin the beaches.

McCain was pandering to oil men in Texas. We already had 8 years of two oil men in our White House, we don't need 4 more years. Vote against big oil, vote Obama!

Indigo Red said...

Again, this is not our regular Anonymous.

I have been paying attention and every organization is a special interest. Whenever someone has a pet peeve, that person constitutes a special interest, such as a person who advocates for Obama on a pro-McCain blog, which also is a special interest. Such people have a special interest in the subject matter, hence the term, special interest.

We have been drilling off-shore in California for decades. Here's a picture of an off-shore oil rig in Long Beach, CA. The last time we had an off-shore rig spill was 1969. The first time we had an off-shore oil rig spill was ... uhhh ... 1969. By my Republican math, that makes one spill in the entire history of California off-shore drilling.

In fact, that incident in Santa Barbara was not from a broken oil rig. While retrieving a drill bit, 'mud' was put in the drill hole. Because of the pressure build-up, an east-west fault line ruptured allowing the oil to leak from the Earth's crust not from the rig. Such geological fault ruptures are normal Earth occurances whether oil rigs are present or not.

When the hurricanes hit the Gulf, rigs fall, but no oil leaks or hits land. Cuba drills for oil closer to the US shore than Americans are allowed by the special interest Big Environment laws.

Yes, we have had 8 yrs of two oil men in office as POTUS and VP. In all that time, pump prices were low, affordable, and acceptable. Prices began to rise drastically and dramatically when Pelosi, Reid, and the other losers of the democrat party took control in Congress.

Drill now. Drill often.