Monday, June 23, 2008

Europe Waking Up and Smelling the Espresso

Now Europe is getting nervous about an Obama presidency.

A Sunday Washington Post story says, "European officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to be seen as interfering with U.S. politics, said the demand that Iran first suspend its uranium enrichment is a European concept, not something forced on them by the Bush administration. Three European countries -- Britain, France and Germany -- persuaded Tehran to suspend its enrichment activities in 2003 while the two sides negotiated, until Iran declared in 2006 that the talks were fruitless and restarted their nuclear program."

Barry Obama, of course, has said he wants to negotiate directly with Tehran without preconditions. This would seriously jeopardize the work the Europeans have already done on behalf of the US and the UN and cause a serious rift between the US and our European allies who have risked much to follow the American lead with economic sanctions. These sanctions have been enshrined in UN resolutions giving the free world justification and authority to take concerted action against Iran which has reciprocated with naught but bellicosity , threats, and demands.

Continue on your chosen course, Senator. You may unite the West after all.

h/t Gateway Pundit who has more on the subject.

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todd said...

So how do you go about negotiating with a guy who is making plans to welcome the return of the mahdi or 12th imam? The madhi has been hiding in a well for, well lets just say a damn long time, and his return accompanied by the apocalypse will usher in an islamist paradise[?]. So, where do you start the negotiations with a guy like that?

Indigo Red said...

Truth is, Todd, Iran is ready and willing to negotiate our surrender. Nothing else is open for discussion.

Todd said...

Well all I have to say to that is, NUTS!

Indigo Red said...

Europe is chock full of nuts.