Friday, June 06, 2008

Baghdad Terror Dogs Flee

Flights of United Airline passengers are down so much the airline is now known as Ted. U 'n' I have been cut out. In Iraq, the flight of Shi'ite bad guys is way up.

BAGHDAD — The U.S. military has reported the flight of Iraqi Shi'ite insurgents to Iran.

Officials said Iranian-sponsored insurgents in Iraq have left their country and relocated to Teheran amid counter-insurgency operations by the U.S. and Iraqi militaries. They said many of the insurgents who left were members of the Iranian-sponsored Special Groups, Middle East Newsline reported.

"We also know many Special Groups criminals that we target have recently fled to Iran as well," U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Jeffery Hammond, commander of Multinational Division Baghdad, said.

Hammond, who also commands the U.S. Army's 4th Infantry Division, said Special Groups fighters have been hampered by Iraq Army operations in Baghdad and Basra. The two-star general said Iraqi security forces have discovered more than 83 caches of mostly Iranian weapons in Baghdad's Sadr City since May 20.

"We've killed or detained 455 Special Groups operatives in the last six months," Hammond told a briefing on Monday. "Now, intelligence reports indicate that these criminals receive support from elements in Iran."

Despite its denials, Hammond said, Iran continues to supply Iraqi Shi'ite insurgents with weapons and training. He said Iraqi and U.S. units have confiscated weapons manufactured in Iran in 2008.

"I can tell you some weapons recovered in Baghdad were identified as being produced in Iran," Hammond said. "The most recent data production [mark] was February 2008."

Hammond said the Special Groups, believed to consist of defectors from the Mahdi Army, has sustained heavy losses over the last month. In Sadr City, Iraqi security forces killed 163 Special Groups members.

Iraqi and U.S. troops also found 175 improvised explosive devices, 76 of them deemed explosively-formed projectiles, designed to pierce Western-origin main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers. The weapons caches also contained rocket-propelled grenades and rifles as well as more than 320 mortar rounds. Hammond said the Iraq Army, with U.S. air support, destroyed 61 enemy mortar teams in Sadr City.

"There are still challenges ahead," Hammond said.
Any day now, a Shi'ite insurgent comedian will scrawl on a Baghdad wall somewhere, "The last al -Qaida thug to leave Iraq, please turn off the lights."

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dcat said...

Yup and regroup some place else no doubt!

Anonymous said...

This type of information is nothing new to us concerning Iran's involvement. So, what are we going to do about it? I'm concerned about the constant reporting on what Iran’s, involvement without anything being done about it. Maybe our Military is secretly doing something without our knowledge. If so, Great! If we were smart, our Special Forces are already at work. If so, even better. Keep up the pressure on these Iranian backed militias for now. The intelligence we gather from this will definitely help Israel’s plan for an all out offensive action against the Iranian regime and yes indeed, with the United States backing them 100% as expected. These people think power is the ultimate persuader, I say let Israel give them a taste and the U.S will finish the job as usual. Thanks for firing me up this morning Indigo!

Indigo Red said...

Retreat, regroup, rearm until final victory. That was the strategy of Mohammad and that is the strategy of today's jihadis.

What can be done about them? President Lincoln told Gen. Grant to follow Lee wherever he went and engage him, never stop the pursuit. That is what we must do. Wherever the Islamist finds refuge, that's where we'll be.

At the same time, we must offer the civilian population a better alternative to what jihad offers. A life of peace, decent living, education for their children, market and marketable goods. They must also want the freedoms offered and that's the hardest thing. Freedom isn't easy; tyranny is much easier. Habits of the heart are the hardest to break.

Mike's America said...

I'm frustrated too anonymous.

Iran has been using proxies to kill hundreds of Americans going all the way back to the 283 Marines killed by Hezbollah in the Marine Baracks in Beirut in 1983.

Also, you don't think those crazies in the Iranian backed Special Groups are just going on holiday in Iran? They'll either infiltrate back into Iraq or Lebanon or worse, try and sneak into the U.S. or attack us elsewhere in the world.

It's past time that we should have bombed the camps where we know the Iranians are training these bastards. But then, Democrats have threatened President Bush with impeachment if he dares to harm one terrorist hair on the other side of the border from Iraq.

Indigo Red said...

I hear Isfahan is llovely this time of year. A holiday would be nice.

After teaching myself about the ME after 9/11, the targets should have been Arabia and Iran. A little late now. It's hard to realize, but there are limits to what the US military can do because, after all, who else is going to do it.