Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rev. Jeremiah Wright on Covetous Lust and Marriage

Never having married, I have no wonderfully cute story on how I met my spouse. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright has a great story about winning the hand of his wife, Ramah. It's really cute.

The very Reverend Wright was performing his duties as a marriage counselor for a young couple in the 1980s. Delmer Reed was an investigator in the Illinois secretary of state's office, his schedule was very hectic, and it was harming his marriage. He and his wife sought counseling at Trinity United Church of Christ pastored by Jeremiah Wright. Reed spoke with Wright four times over a few months. Husband wife decided to attend counseling together to work things out.

Well, to make a long story short, and here's the really cute part, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright accepted lust into his heart, coveted his neighbor's wife, and coincidentally the Reed marriage soon ended in divorce. Ramah Reed and the very Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Man of God, married.

I bet you didn't see that coming. Delmer Reed sure didn't.

Delmer Reed, 59, confided to pals that he believed the minister moved in on his wife while Wright was counseling the couple at his Chicago church in the early 1980s, The Post has learned.

"That's exactly how he said it," Reed's divorce lawyer, Roosevelt Thomas, told The Post.

"It looks like Delmer might have been right," he said, because after Delmer and Ramah Reed were divorced, she got remarried - to Wright. "Either that or this was the biggest coincidence in the world."
Isn't that a heartwarming story. I know the cockles of my heart have been warmed. Do you have a wonderful spouse meeting story that you would like to share? It would be hard to beat the Wright's lust, covet and get-some tale, though.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Amy Proctor said...

It was many years ago and at least he isn't currently having affairs. As I understand it they hit it off, the other marriage was ending and it went from there. What discourages me is when someone like Martin Luther King Jr. had many affairs while he was married. And he was a preacher. Protestants discourage divorce but they don't forbid it. If Wright were Catholic this'd be a different story.

Wright has enough to condemn him based on his words of today. He's something else, and not in a good way.

Indigo Red said...

I see no problem, Amy, with Jerry and Ramah marrying after her divorce. The problem I have with the episode is the probable conflict of interest during the counseling. The episode also goes to a pattern of behavior flouting social norms, an attitude that society's rules and his own relgion's precepts do not apply to him.

Protestants may approve of divorce, Amy, but adultary, lust, and covetting another's wife are still sins. This is just one more example of the hypocracy of Rev Wright and again speaks to the really poor judgement of Barry Obama in choices of friends and mentors in conjunction with his desire to be the head of a nation.

The former husband lived up to the standards I would expect of the good Reverend. Mr. Reed forgave the misbehavior and disrepect long ago.