Friday, May 30, 2008

Iran Making Nukes Says IAEA

Smart guys at the International Atomic Energy Agency now believe Iran, at least, wants to learn how to make an atomic bomb. The agency has received an Iranian government document showing how to form uranium metal into a warhead shape. Despite Iran's denials, the IAEA has determined the documents are genuine and believes Iran really does want to make nukes.

Over the past year, ten IAEA member nations have supplied intelligence data on Iran's nuclear program. The intel was circulated in a report to members May 26.

Diplomats said the agency report cited Iranian government documents that discussed the production of high explosives that could be used to detonate an atomic bomb.

Another document referred to an Iranian project to design a missile re-entry vehicle, a key component of any nuclear warhead.

The latest report determined that Iran was operating 3,500 gas centrifuges for uranium enrichment. The agency said Iran could reach its goal to operate 6,000 centrifuges by July 2008.

IAEA also determined that Iran was testing advanced centrifuges, said to be three times more productive than the Pakistan-designed P-1. The agency said only several advanced centrifuges entered the testing stage.
Wanting to learn how to make an atomic bomb and actually making an atomic bomb are two very different things. I want to know how to make an A-bomb, too. So, just out of curiosity, I went to How Stuff Works. That doesn't mean I'm actually making an A-bomb in my kitchen. Although, apparently I can.

But, that isn't what Iran has done. They went way beyond How Stuff Works. They've got centrifuges, high explosive triggers, a missile re-entry delivery system, yellowcake, and labs with lab rats wearing white coats with embroidered name tags. I don't have any of that stuff, except the white coat. Mine has "Lars" embroidered on it.

I think Iran is seriously trying to make an A-bomb. Maybe even more than one.

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Mike's America said...

So what is the IAEA or anyone going to do about it?

What's Obama going to do about it?

Indigo Red said...

The IAEA really can't do anthing about it - they're not so authorized. Those who are won't do anythng but bluster.

Obama will negotiate directly with Achmadinajad without preconditions, but only after certain arraingemnets have been met.

That does't matter, either. Mahmoud is not the power in Iran. He is a spokesman for the Supreme Council.

The short answer to both Qs - nothing.

dcat said...

May their missiles go up two feet and blow up in their faces!!!

Indigo Red said...

About two hundred feet would be better - wider damage disbursment.