Sunday, May 11, 2008

FBI: Al-Qaida Groups in US

FBI Director Robert Mueller told the House Judiciary Committee recently that the Bureau has uncovered al-Qaida terror cells in the United States. For security reasons, he did not elaborate in open session. The FBI has been developing intelligence gathering capabilities in the US with cooperation from the Muslim, Arab, and Sikh communities.

"As to your first question as to whether we have found affiliates or, as you would call them, cells of Al Qaida in the United States, yes, we have. Again, I cannot get into it in public session, but I would say yes, we have."

"And every opportunity I have, I reaffirm the fact that 99.9 percent of Muslim-Americans or Sikh-Americans, Arab-Americans are every bit as patriotic as anybody else in this room, and that many of our cases are a result of the cooperation from the Muslim community in the United States," Mueller said.
In a rare public statement in London, Mueller said in early April that al-Qaida could be defeated. Al-Qaida presents a three-tiered threat and it's his belief AQ can be beaten within three and half years.

The top tier was the core of the organisation which had established new sanctuaries in Pakistan's tribal areas.

The middle tier was the most complex, consisting of small, self-directed groups like the London bombers of 7/7 who had some ties to al-Qaeda's leadership.

The bottom tier, said Mr Mueller, was made up of homegrown extremists who met on the internet instead of in foreign training camps.
The key to countering the threats, Mueller believes, is human intelligence sources, wiretaps, and international coordination. Most of the terror cases the FBI works originated with intel from foreign sources, especially Britain. The FBI meets with their British counterparts face to face more than 20 times a week for tea and to compare notes.

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todd said...

They are 99.9 % loyal heck that’s better than the revolution the civil war or WWII what a record! Anyway I hear this coming from guvment know-nothings off and on. Here’s a question, I am a descendant of a revolutionary war officer, further on we were at Gettysburg left a leg there, go even further and you end up on Okinawa during WWII. So who would you rather be in a foxhole with if you are stuck in Iraq or anywhere else. Them or us? Take all the time you need to decide.

todd said...

Oh by the way there is an interesting after effect of law enforcement taking this attitude in spite of what the truth is. People like me no longer trust them we won’t call them to report any suspicious behavior we might be aware of. There are islamists in these depts. and as the recent 9-11 operators arrest shows they will probably get your address if you make the mistake of trusting the authorities. Sorry Americans but I have to look out for my family and friends as they have shown that they are doing just the opposite. In some arenas they call this...blowback.

Indigo Red said...

I, too, am suspicious of the 99.9% loyalty figure. I'm as loyal and patriotic as they come and I'm not 99.9%.

I would choose the one legged Revolutionary officer from Gettysgurg and Okinawa anytime over a 99.9%er.

todd said...

Here is a piece that outlines my theory better than I can. Men with guns I wont be surprised if 1 out of 2 turns out to be a low figure. Just my guesstimation from all these years of watching, listening, reading, and learning about the islamists. The Mueller types (that we have a number of) as the article says “will be forgotten like yesterdays papers, remembered only by worms.”

I noticed that you like movies and watch a lot of TV. Well if I may I would like to recommend a few movies to you. They are sort of a series but not at all related except in the advancement of the overall storyline. First watch Tomorrow is Forever then check out Since You Went Away and finally The Best Years of Our Lives . Hopefully you haven’t seen them yet.

Indigo Red said...

I read Men With Guns this morning. Several years ago I saw a movie by the same name, but it was about the civil war in Guatamala. I also saw a movie called Men With Brooms, but that's totally different.

I've seen Tomorrow is Forever and The Best Years of Our Lives. Since You Went Away is unfamiliar and I will try to see it.

Gayle said...

Hi Indigo!

I don't believe that 99.9% of Islams are patriotic either. To even make that statement is outrageous! Not even 99.9% of Americans whose ancestors came here generations ago are patriotic. There is truly nothing so maddening to me as people like Mueller sticking their heads in the sand.

Indigo Red said...

However, if we dismiss the 99.9%, the important point here is that the FBI has identified and is tracking them.

dcat said...

Nope and I rather be the only one in that fox hole then with them!!!

A woman with lots of guns :)

However, if we dismiss the 99.9%, the important point here is that the FBI has identified and is tracking them.

I hope the hell they are and are ready to take em down!!!