Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Eight Year Old Yemeni Divorcee - An Update

Nojoud Muhammed Nasser was only 8 years old when her father married her off to a man nearly three times her age. Very bravely, Nojoud did the unthinkable in Muslim Yemeni society - she sued for divorce.

After two months of physical and sexual abuse, Nojoud ran away from her husband. With the help of her uncle, she filed a court case against her father and husband. She bought herself out of the marriage on April 15, 2008 with the help of her lawyer, Shatha Mohammed Nasser, Judge Abud Al-Khaleaq Ghowber, and an anonymous Emirates donor who kicked in YR 100,000.

Photo: Nojoud and her lawyer

Judge Ghowber told the Yemeni Times, "This was the first time a girl came to us for a divorce. We are going to do our best to push the parliament to change the marriage law."

Nojoud said, "I am so happy to be free and I will go back to school and will never think of getting married again. It is a good feeling to be rid of my husband and his bad treatment." She said she feels lucky her marriage was over and didn't have to live like her sisters who had also been married off by the father when they were young, but not as young as Nojoud.

Her sisters had children of their own soon after their weddings. Almost one half of Yemeni girls marry before they are 18 years old. Most will have their first child within the first year and have a child nearly every year of their reproductive years.

The Minister of Endowment, Judge Hamoud Al-Hitar, believes there should be legislation establishing a minimum age for marriage. The former Minister of Endowment and religious scholar, Yahiya Al-Najar said, "Those who approve of girls marrying at 13, 14 or even below 18, are barbaric men who abuse childhood and are irresponsible." He went to say the minimum age for marriage should apply to both girls and boys so their physical and mental development can continue until they are ready for the responsibilities of marriage and family.

The Editor of the Yemeni Times wrote in an editorial, "As educated Yemeni people we must start advocating for children’s rights and stop such violations. We must live up to our Islamic teachings which tell us to stop harm from being inflicted on others."

Perhaps eight year old Nojoud has achieved something bigger than just freeing herself from the barbaric pedophilia established by the perverted, sick bastard, the Prophet Mohammad. No child should be married before an appropriate age of consent and most certainly not without their personal consent freely given.

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Gayle said...

It is nearly beyond belief that in 2008 there are still societies where parents will force their children into marriage, and eight years old boggles the mind! I'm so glad to hear that she got out of it finally, bless her heart. What a soul-killing experience. :(

I think it will be a long, long time before Muslims will quit marrying their daughters off without their consent, but hopefully laws will be made so that they can't make them marry under the age of 18. I'm sure her father probably sold her into marriage for a couple of goats or something. Women have absolutely no value over there, but you know that.

Indigo Rose said...

I wonder, did anyone mention where she will now live? Her father has sold her once, what would stop him from selling her again (other than that she is not a virgin)? What abuse might she now have to live with at the hands of her father?
She has done a great thing. I hope the repercussions are not more than she can handle.

Mike's America said...

Well, at least she was able to divorce him and wasn't forced to drink bleach and die for dishonoring her family.

This reveals the unbelieveable barbarity of some Islamist nations.

dcat said...

They call them selves what?! religious scholars!? Who f-ing gave them their diplomas besides other DIPS?

Oh I get it that is one of them bullshit degrees a basket weaving class kind right?

Ok I understand!

Good for Nojoud Muhammed Nasser! Glad to see there are others out there with a strong will!!! I thought I was the only one :) Yes even in our culture we have to fight! Thanks to Susan B and the other old gals!

I am very surprised that Nojoud is alive after this!

dcat said...

"sick bastard"

That is a mans name!


Indigo Red said...

It is unfortunate, Gayle, that such societies still exist. Actually, most societies are those such societies.

Rose, Nojoud is living with an Uncle. The story doesn't say specifically which uncle, but I think he is the father's brother, the one who helped her escape and get a lawyer.

"...unbelieveable barbarity of some Islamist nations." Only some, Mike?

It only takes one brave soul to start changing things, dcat. Nojoud may be the brave soul.

Mike's America said...

"some Islamist nations"

Heck, there has to be at least ONE that doesn't have these barbaric practices?

Abu Dhabi? Maybe?

Indigo Red said...

Ok, I'll grant maybe one, but no more.