Saturday, May 24, 2008

Again, We Are Winning in Iraq

The Battle for Iraq is being won according to US envoy Ryan Crocker. Shootings, IED and rocket attacks are at their lowest level since March 26, 2004. The final stronghold of al-Qaida in Mosul has been cleared of insurgents and AQ is the closest they've been to defeat. Even AQ believes they've been beaten.

The Independent on Sunday reports Crocker saying, "You are not going to hear me say that al-Qa'ida is defeated, but they've never been closer to defeat than they are now."

The figures are good news for President George Bush, who sent 30,000 extra troops to Iraq last year and has rejected calls by Democrats for 155,000 troops to be withdrawn as soon as possible, a position shared by the Republican presidential candidate John McCain. The two Democratic candidates, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, have campaigned for troops to be brought home.
This is bad news for Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, and Liberals who have invested everything in the defeat of America.

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