Friday, April 11, 2008

Katie Couric's Days Are Numbered

CBS News anchor, Katie Couric is on her way out. Some people close to Couric (and some professional associates, too) told the NYT "it was now likely she would not remain as anchor through the election, and might even leave in the next few weeks." Senior CBS suits denied the rumors, but not very heartily, "Katie is absolutely going to continue as anchor until the inauguration and very possibly beyond that."

When the former cheerleader took over the anchor duties Sep 2006, writes the WSJ, "incorporated longer interviews, occasionally conducted in front of a fireplace, and chatty asides into the broadcast. For the first few days, curiosity drove more than 10 million viewers to tune in, but in the months that followed, Ms. Couric's ratings plummeted to a low for the broadcast, bottoming out to around five million in the spring of 2007 -- well below the seven million viewers the show was drawing before Ms. Couric's arrival." She did all that for only $15 million - such a deal.

The network and the news division still say they don't know why the public did not respond positively to Katie Couric. Maybe they should listen to her when she told the Washington Post, "the constricted nature of the 22-minute format had left little room for the humor and freewheeling approach that once defined her style. 'It's really hard to show that side of my personality on the evening news, and that's a frustration for me.'"

There's the rub, "...hard to show that side of my personality on the evening news." Anchoring a news program is about the news, hard news, it's not about the anchor's personality. CBS news division forgot what they were in business for and they lost.

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