Thursday, April 03, 2008

CO2 is Good

We need more CO2. Declining carbon dioxide levels deprives plants of nutrients needed to produce the abundance of food crops humans consume. Increased CO2 means more plants and more food thus obviating the future cannibalism Ted Turner foretells. Higher temps also benefits the higher plant growth rates associated with increased CO2 by providing more humidity; plants don't grow in cold dry weather as witnessed by winter.

You could have heard a pin drop at the Hong Kong conference designed to persuade the airline industry to cut back on its production of so-called greenhouse gases to fight "global warming."

The "Greener Skies 2008" conference had just heard from David Archibald, a solar scientist asserting that climate change is mostly dictated by solar cycles, not carbon dioxide levels, as conventional wisdom suggests.

Archibald didn't just tell the group not to worry about carbon dioxide emissions. He told those gathered they should figure out ways of increasing CO2 output.

"In a few short years, we will have a reversal of the warming of the 20th century," Archibald warned, according to CargoNews Asia. "There will be significant cooling very soon. Our generation has known a warm, giving sun, but the new generation will suffer a sun that is less giving, and the earth will be less fruitful. Carbon dioxide is not even a little bit bad – it's wholly beneficial."

One observer at the February conference said there would have been fewer jaws dropping had Archibald stripped off his clothes before the assembled.

"Plant growth responds to atmospheric carbon dioxide enrichment," he continued. "In a world of higher atmospheric carbon dioxide, crops will use less water per unit of carbon dioxide uptake. Thus the productivity of semi-arid lands will increase the most."

But the real shocker was not just his unorthodox view of carbon dioxide. Unlike most of those in the conference, Archibald doesn't see a future threat of global warming, but an imminent and dire future of global cooling.

"We will need this increase in agricultural productivity to offset the colder weather coming," he said. "It also follows that if the developed countries of the world want to be caring and sharing to the countries of the Third World, the best thing that could be done for them is to increase atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. It is the equivalent of giving them free phosphate fertilizer. Who would want to deny the Third World such a wonderful benefit?''

After Archibald's speech, Martin Craigs, president of Aerospace Forum Asia, went to the microphone and asked: "Don't you have Al Gore's e-mail address?" "How can you be right and 2,000 scientists wrong?"

Archibald replied: "I am happy to share the science. It's all reputable."
David Archibald can be seen delivering his speech at You Tube in a four part video. If you are a nerd or just masochistic, you can read the 2007 paper (pdf), The Past and Future of Climate, to your heart's content.

World Net Daily

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Indigo Rose said...

Sometime within the last couple of weeks an airliner was flown to England with one engine being fueled by biofuel. I cannot remember the airline or the owner... anyway, the owner was trying to prove that it was feasible to fly an airliner in the "green".
The response of the English: In order to produce enough biofuel (corn) they would have to quit growing any other crops. None. No food for humans. No crops to feed animals. They just don't have enough land to fuel an airliner.
And the USA has seen the effects of corn being raised for biofuel. HIgher prices at the grocery store, dairy farms having a hard time getting the feed for their cattle.
When will people learn that for every action there is a reaction?
I say, Let The Plants Breathe!!

dcat said...

Wheat is more expensive at the store too!