Friday, April 25, 2008

Clinton Touts Military Prowess

Hillary Clinton was in N. Carolina this week talking up her extensive military experience, her strong defense positions, and knowledge of veterans issues.

Addressing the home state of Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg, Clinton promised a hasty retreat from Iraq, and to improve the lives of veterans. She told anyone who would listen, "This will not be easy. There are no quick solutions to the dilemmas we face and the consequences that are likely to flow from whatever actions are taken."

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Indigo Rose said...

she didn't happen to mention what those "consequences" would be, did she?

Gayle said...

Even the idea of either her or Obama being able to take any action whatsoever concerning Iraq or any other issue that affects this great country of ours is the stuff nightmares are made of, Indigo. To think that we let her and her hubby into the White House once is scary enough, and the fact that she and Obama are even in the running is an abomination of everything this country stands for. Both of these people are socialists and so far off the mark of what our forfathers had in mind it's truly mind-boggling! Personally, I don't want either of them even close enough to the White House to look through the fence!

Amy Proctor said...

I finally followed you over to your blog! Great one you have. I'm going to add you to my blogroll. I have to say, though, that photo of Hillary is like an infantryman's nightmare!

Indigo Red said...

Yeah she is, but she makes a great target.

Thanks for the visit, Amy, I'm glad you came. And thanks for adding mine to your blogroll.

dcat said...

Did someone warn Mike from Mike's America? That isn't he in Carolina?LOL

She is such a liar!

Indigo Red said...

Mike is in S. Carolina. Hilton Head. I think he's safe this time around.

Anonymous said...

LMAS over that Hillary picture.

Great blog
It made good reading