Monday, April 07, 2008

Change for Britain

British coinage has been graced with the image of Queen Elizabeth II for the past four decades. Not anymore.

This month the Royal Mint introduced newly designed coins from 1p to 2 pounds, says the Telegraph. Over the remainder of this year, the new coins will replace the old. Matthew Dent, the 26 year designer, has produced clever design that recalls British history and is fun. Each coin is embossed with a portion of the Royal Coat of Arms. When placed placed together, they reveal the complete image. See the magic at the Royal Mint website.

The coinage of the United Kingdom is changing. Familiar designs that have served us well for almost 40 years will be replaced by a new set of designs, contemporary in treatment yet grounded in the traditions of the coinage. Now, in a new age, the time has come to rejuvenate the coinage by seeking designs that treat traditional symbols in an innovative and modern way. The series that has been chosen brings new life to the coinage and, like the decimal designs 40 years ago, draws inspiration from the very fabric of British history.

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