Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Al-Zawahiri Warns 'Don't Trust Iran'

Who really attacked the Great Satan on 9/11 has been the subject of rumors since the actual event. Al-Qaeda set up a website to answer that and other stupid questions. The answer is, according to Zawahiri, that al-Qaeda did it, 'Yep, we did it. Not Israel. Not the U.S. Not Iran. Just us, al-Qaida.'

You'd think that would be the end of it, but some mohammedan putz asked bin-Laden's No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri if the story that Israel was the real brains and brawn behind the attacks was true. One would think that any mussleman would gladly blame Israel for the dastardly deed. But not Zawahiri and AQ, nooooo.

A.Z. said the the damnable lie was started the Hezbollah TV station, Al-Manar. "The purpose of this lie is clear - [to suggest] that there are no heroes among the Sunnis who can hurt America as no-one else did in history...Iranian media snapped up this lie and repeated it."

Continuing for two colorful and exciting hours, A.Z. accused Iran of collaboration with the U.S. in the 2001 Afghanistan invasion that bumped off the al-Qaeda ally, Taliban. He said, "Iran's aim here is also clear - to cover up its involvement with America in invading the homes of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq."

This was AQ's second verbal assault on Iran, a Shia Islam country, in the past few weeks. Earlier, marking the fall of Saddam's regime, Zawahiri said Iran was planning to annex southern Iraq and the eastern Arabian peninsula.

Pretty crazy, huh?

Not everything al-Zawahiri had to say was nuts. He said global warming demonstrated "how criminal, brutal and greedy the Western Crusader world is, with America at the top." Global warming, he predicted, would "make the world more sympathetic to and understanding of the Muslims' jihad against the aggressor America."

See, that wasn't crazy at all.

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Mike's America said...

With Hamas coming out and endorsing Obama, A.Z. might want to get an Obama backdrop for his next broadcast.

Indigo Red said...

I'll pass along your suggestion, Mike.

Amy Proctor said...

OMG! A picture is worth a thousand words!

Indigo Red said...

I spend alot of time looking for the right photos, Amy. Now that I think about it, Mike, A.Z. and A.Q. would support Hillary if Hamas backs Obama. Hamas is supported by Iran and A.Z. is telling Iran is filled with lying dogs. Boy, if you can't trust Zawahiri, who can you trust.