Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Al-Qaida Use Silencers for Daytime Killing

Al-Qaida are sneaky bastards. At one time they loved things that go "BOOM!" Now they want silence.

Al Qaida using silencers for stealth killing in Iraq

Al Qaida has acquired weapons with silencers to kill U.S. and Iraqi officers, according to a new report.

Operatives have been recruiting and training operatives to use silencers to kill police and soldiers at checkpoints around Baghdad and Diyala.

Al Qaida-aligned Internet sites have also provided guidelines to procuring silencers and their use, the April 16 edition of reported. The reason for silencers on pistols was for Al Qaida to kill quietly and then escape.

In one attack, two Al Qaida gunmen walked up to an Iraq Army barracks in the Saidia district of Baghdad.

Two soldiers were shot dead in broad daylight and no one noticed for hours.

Another Al Qaida cell in Diyala has been using only 9 mm pistols with silencers. Over the last year, the cell conducted 20 attacks on Iraqi police stations using pistols with silencers as well as daggers.

Some of the Al Qaida operatives, complaining of the large size of silencers, have designed their own equipment. Others have used U.S.-made silencers, available over the Internet or on the black market.

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dcat said...

Al qaida are sneaky bastards? Isn't that a hate crime with the democrats ;)

As far as AQ, I say lets blow em all up!

Indigo Red said...

Yes, I believe it is.

AQ Mohammadans and their democrat supporters are pigs, too.