Sunday, March 09, 2008

Naked Picture of Royal Danish Wins First Prize

Get ready world. When news of this portrait of the Danish royal family reaches Denmark there will likely be rioting in the streets, burning of cars, smashing of store windows, and demands for the head of every ocker and their rellies in Oz. And right as Ned Kelly they'd be to spit the dummy.

Newcastle railway worker James Brennan was awarded the $5,000 prize in Canberra this morning.

His painting shows Princess Mary and her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, in their underwear.

The couple's children and a pet tasmanian devil are also depicted.

"I was vacuuming and it just popped into my head out of nowhere," Brennan said.

"I saw a magazine probably a couple of weeks before that with Princess Mary and baby Isabella and a family portrait, and it [the idea] just came out of nowhere.

"I hope they'd like it.

"I think Mary being Australian, she might have a bit of an ocker sense of humour, she might appreciate it."
The painting won the prestigious Bald Archy Prize, the world's only art competition said to judged by Maude, a cockatoo with an eye for fine art.

I reckon we'll see some real rioting world wide now. Not that whinny and sissy, yet whimsical, Muslim hokum in which dozens of their fellow Muslims are killed in lieu of any actual offenders. Then again ... these are Danes we are talking about. They might get a chuckle from the joke and go about their day.

ABC - Australian Broadcasting Corp.

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Marie's Two Cents said...


Dear Lord.

The Bald Archy Prize? lol

A Cockatoo for a judge? lol

This is too funny :-)

Gayle said...

I second Marie! ROTF! I doubt I would be amused if I were a member of their royal family, but who knows. We do know they won't act like Muzzies!

dcat said...

:+: gayle I agree! Whoot!