Friday, March 07, 2008

Mime or Racist - Robert Downey, Jr in Black Makeup

When Black Americans don whiteface, it's called Mime.

When White Americans don blackface, it's called Racism.

Robert Downey, Jr., right, is a racially white actor. His profession is to personify charactors of film and stage so that the audience believes he is the charactor portrayed.

Above, Downey is the charactor between the blonde Jack Black and the girlyman Ben Stiller, two American comic actors. In an upcoming movie, Tropic Thunder, Downey plays an "Oscar-winning actor taking on a role originally written for a black actor, and rather than re-write the part, he goes method."

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Indigo Rose said...

Is it racist when a fair skinned black-american passes themselves off as white?
I suppose it would be different if R.Downey, Jr. was making fun of Black Americans, but I didn't recognize him because he 'became' his part so well.
Isn't that what we have been told to do... walk a mile in someones shoes in order to feel what they feel, to try to understand.
And wasn't it racist to begin with that the part was written for a black-american instead of a white, or hispanic or asian?

Indigo Red said...

There was a story last year in February, Black History Month, when a black student portrayed Abraham Lincoln and everybody was okay with that.

Another story involved a white student in a different school who read Dr. King's Dream speech as Martin Luther King. That was didn't meet with the same ho-hum reaction. A white kid portraying King was just wrong.