Sunday, March 30, 2008

Matt Maupin's Remains Found in Iraq

"My name is Keith Matthew Maupin. I am a soldier from the 1st Division. I am married with a 10-month-old son. I came to liberate Iraq, but I did not come willingly because I wanted to stay with my child." Pfc Matt Maupin was forced to say those words shortly after he and Sgt. Elmer C. Krause were captured April 9, 2004 by Iraqi insurgents.

A terrorist bastard on the videotape said, "We are keeping him to be exchanged for some of the prisoners captured by the occupation forces ... Some of our groups managed to capture one of the American soldiers, and he is one of many others. He is being treated according to the treatment of prisoners in the Islamic religion and he is in good health."

The remains of Sgt Krause were found April 23, 2004, but Pfc. Maupin has been listed as MIA for five years. The Maupin family pressed the Pentagon and the Army to keep the search open and to keep their boy on the Missing in Action list. In the intervening years, Maupin was promoted to Sargeant.

Matt's father was told by an Army General that DNA testing had been completed on previously unknown remains. Matt Maupin is no longer MIA.

In June 2004, al-Jazeera television broadcast a grainy video of a man, blindfolded and kneeling, before a grave. The man's face was not visible. Al-Jazeera said the footage continued and showed the man being shot in the back of the head. They said the film came from a group calling themselves The Sharp Sword against the Enemies of God and His Prophet.

A total of nine Americans were captured in the April 9 ambush. Along with Maupin and Krause were Kellogg, Brown & Root contractors. Thomas Hamill escaped almost a month later, but the remains of five others were found. One other was declared missing.

Two U.S. service men are still missing in action in Iraq. Army Reservist Ahmed Qusai al-Taayie of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Iraqi born soldier was abducted when he went to visit his Iraqi wife in Baghdad on Oct 23, 2006. Navy pilot Capt. Michael Speicher has been missing since he was shot down in the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

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Gayle said...

This is so sad, Indigo. I post about soldier's every Wednesday, and the stories almost always bring me to tears.

I will be glad when all Americans are aware of the threat of Islamic Jihad. I'm scared to think of what it may take to wake people up!

Indigo Red said...

It is sad, Gayle. I am so very glad there are men and women willing to put their lives on the line for the likes of me.