Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Knut the Psycho Bear

Knut, the polar bear formerly known as cuddly and cute, is now described as a "publicity addicted psycho." His handlers say he is addicted to the attention and adulation of the hordes of people who have paid some $10 million to see the 15 month old polar bear cub since his birth in December 2006.

One of Knut's caretakers, Markus Roebke, told reporters yesterday that "Knut needs to leave Berlin Zoo, the sooner the better. He's had so much contact with humans in his young life that he doesn't realize he's a polar bear, he needs to get used to a life without the people who brought him up ... He is addicted to the whole show, the human adulation. It is not healthy ... He actually cries out or whimpers if he sees that there is not a spectator outside his enclosure ready to ooh and aah at him ... When the zoo had to shut because of black ice everywhere he howled until staff members stood before him and calmed him down."

The Berlin Zoo's vet disagrees. Andre Schuele said, "Not so. I can't confirm that at all. Knut is making very good progress, he's growing up just fine, he's a very healthy animal, and everything is really normal."

I don't know if Knut is a psycho or just a lonely adolescent wild animal. I do know that everything is not "really normal." So far the only normal thing about Knut's life was his abandonment by his mother. His sibling died because of maternal neglect. Knut was saved from the normal course of events by anthropomorphising do-gooders.

This Britney Spears life was certainly not what was intended, but it's the only life Knut has now. Polar bears are solitary animals. Putting him into a closed environment with another polar bear is out of the question. Berlin zoologists have a real puzzle to solve: how to get a polar bear cub who thinks he's a human to accept he's a polar bear. Whatever they figure to do, just keep him away from hair clippers.

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bernie said...

The bear may one day be cured; Britney? I'm not so sure.

Any non-Muslim that would willingly consider converting to Islam has some very serious mental problems.

dcat said...

Heh! Well bernie got that right!

Mike's America said...

The Knut haters still have their long knives out for this poor animal.

They wanted to kill him when he was born and now they are trying to assassinate his character.

Indigo Red said...

There are other Polar cubs in zoos, but Knut is a special case. He was never ocialized with other Polars and I think he has genuine problems. I also think he can get over them with time away from the spotlight.

A good plan in my estimation is to take Knut and other Polars and move them to where there is ice and food - Antacrtica. That would be a good home. I'm not too hopeful for Britney, though.