Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton Used Child as Sniper Shield

Hillary Clinton flew into Tuzla, Bosnia March 25, 1996 under sniper fire. With her were comedian Sinbad, rocker Sheryl Crow, and the 15-year-old first child, Chelsea.

Clinton said at George Washington University in Washington, DC, during an after speech Q&A, "I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."

In this photo, we see former First Lady Hillary Clinton, grabbing a Bosnian child and shamelessly using her as a shield against the multitude of snipers. Note that First Child Chelsea is strategically positioned to protect the First Lady's left. All this despite the little girl telling Clinton she is happy because there is "peace now."

This from Daily Kos, "The problem is that there was no sniper fire. The ceremony took place on the tarmac. And nobody ran with their heads down to get in to vehicles in fear of being shot." You can fool Kos most of the time, but even Kos can occasionally see a snow job.

Mrs. Clinton may not actually have the experience she claims, but one thing is irrefutable, Mrs. Clinton certainly does have an imagination.

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Loki said...

this photo is of Hilary hugging a little girl during a campaign,, But I Have seen Video of Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama talking how he want Louis farrahkan to be a Advisor if he wins the presidency,,Bush had Chaney Barack Obama want Louis farrahkan to be his right hand man,,,, this posting wont let show the picture I have so i will have to blog them on my own page,,

dcat said...

You mean she is psychotic!

Obaaabaaa and Hillbilly are both psychotic or worse!

Mike's America said...

If Hillary is the nominee, expect the Kossacks to turn on a dime and praise her courage in dangerous and difficult situations.

Indigo Red said...

Loki, you don't have a blog page. Your google gadget shows that you only follow the news of Obama and Clinton, so you are hardly open to reality. The picture is in fact from Tuzle, Bosnia, not some campaign stop in the US. If you are honest, you will go to to see CBS (normally gaga for Clinton) call her a liar or at least an imaginative indiidual.

Yes, dcat. Of course, Hillary is psychotic.

The Kossacks probably will turn, Mike. But, like CBS says on You Tube above, memory should match the videotape.

Loki said...

Sorry but your so wrong,, I do follow all the new I sticking with the campaign,, Obama follower,are always looking for ways to take the heat off Obama, Now digging stuff up from 8 years ago,,, Ya Hilary lied about bosnia,, she shouldn't Lie,, but she did,, Not going to change the fact,,, So what big deal,, Still make barack Obama A liar him self for what he did,, plus the fact he protecting a known racist,,, Like I said you just like Barack Obama,, you have double standard,,, Obama voters don't care what he did,,, next week there will be something else about Obama,, still not going to change your mind, Just like it not going to change Hilary Voters,, and they will both lose... like I said,,, because of the double standards,,, but nice Try tho, I deal with the facts,, If you read anything I said,,,Hilary will probably lose and she the only hope demcrats have,, but Obama will never ever win,,, HE has to many issues, Lied about Jeremiah wright, polls are dropping big time voter wished they can get their votes back and money they donated back,, from Obama,, Obama Can not win a big state,, And he need Hilary votes that he will not get,, to win the presidency,, and thats only with the democrats side,,, Republican will eat him up in the election ,,, then all the Obama votes will cry fowl and will try to get Obama in there with some kind of Afirmative acking compromise,, voter and republican will laugh in his face and he will be done,,, I deal with the facts,,,

Indigo Red said...

Loki, I'm not sure what your facts are. You want to take the heat off Obama, but say Republicans will beat him, Hillary is a liar, and Republicans will beat her too.

I don't support either Obama or Clinton. Both are communist Democrat hacks. I'm not crazy about McCain, but he's not a communist, at least.

And of course I have a double standard. One standard for good people and one for evil bastards like Obama and Clinton.

Of course stuff will be dug up from the past. It isn't possible to dig up stuff from the future. We judge people's future actions by what they have said and done in the past. Obama and Clinton have proved themselves to be liars, bigots, communists, and just plain stupid.

What is it you are trying to say? Who is it you are supporting?