Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Google Links Search Terms: Yiddish and Zyklon-B

What is going on with the folks at Google? The world's preferred search engine and anything that starts with G, has snubbed America's veterans for several years, ignored George Washington's birthday, but have celebrated the Communist launch of Sputnik, hosted "boy love" sites, and many other slights to decency and tradition.

Now the corporation has shown just how tasteless it truly can be. Querying "yiddish" images returns the suggestion to "Also try:zyklon b."

The cyanide based insecticide was developed in Germany for use as a delousing agent during World War I. During the Second World War, NAZI Germany used Zyklon-B to kill millions of Jews, Roma (Gypsies), and others in concentration camp gas chambers.

The poison was used primarily at Aushwitz and Majdanek death camps in Poland. In the killing process, prisoners were forced or tricked into large air tight rooms made to look like shower rooms. When filled with living victims the doors were bolted closed. From the roof, Zyklon-B pellets were dumped from canisters into the killing chambers through air shafts or ceiling openings. Within moments of exposure to air, the cyanide pellets would begin to vaporize with a noticeable almond odor.

Once the vapors are inhaled, the cyanide gas would combine with red blood cells closing off the hemoglobin's oxygen receptors depriving the vital organs of oxygen, causing unconsciousness, resulting in suffocation and death in about 30 minutes. It was a very painful death. For those near the dispersal holes death came quickly. For those farther away the gas was more diffuse and the suffering went on for up to an hour.

The juxtapositioning of the yiddish image search with the Zyklon-B suggestion is more than a simple coincidence. It was purposeful and arrogant. Google can and will get away with this current affront because Google is still the most complete search engine on the internet. And the biggest.

Personally, I hope this is just one bad apple in the Google organizatio doing a very stupid thing.

World Net Daily

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dcat said...

We all are on a slow simmer and starting to realize it just before the boiling point Indio.

Let's hope that most of America makes it out of that pot before it boils so we can turn it back down!

Other wise it will be bye, bye America!