Sunday, February 10, 2008

Toledo Mayor Tries to Explain Marine Eviction

Carty Finkbeiner, Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, held a press conference last night to explain why he ordered the United States Marine Corps to leave his city. He claimed he didn't know the Marines were coming to town despite the advance planning the Police Dept had done with the Marine unit, the final planning meeting in January, and the notices to be distributed this week. As a kid, he probably didn't know Santa Claus was coming to town, either.

Finkbeiner also said he had seen the looks of "wonderment" and "fear" on the faces of citizens during the last exercise in 2006 that prepped the Marine unit for their assignment to Fallujah, Iraq.

When asked if the mayor had done right, a Toledoan said, "No, I feel we would have welcomed the marines. They're here to protect us." Another said, "I think Carty scares the people more than the Marines scare the people."

Carty Finkbeiner, according to Maggie Thurber, was a Republican, then an Independent, and now has been a Democrat for about ten years. In my opinion, Finkbeiner apparently is not a man of firm convictions.

Toledo television station, WTOL11, reports,

TOLEDO -- Mayor Carty Feinbeiner called a press conference, Saturday night, to explain why he didn't want Marines training in downtown Toledo. Marines from Grand Rapids Michigan say they planned their urban exercises with the police department well in advance.

The Mayor says he and other top city leaders didn't know about it until hours before their arrival, Friday. He says with thousands of business workers leaving downtown on Friday evening that downtown is not a good place for the training.

Back in 2006 the Marines used downtown Toledo for their urban exercises to prepare them for situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mayor Finkbeiner says he observed that training and saw citizens walking by. "There was a look of wonderment and some people's faces and a look of fear on other people's faces."

Finkbeiner says in 2006 he met with the Public Safety Director and Chief of Staff. "I said this is not a good idea."

This time he says there was not enough information passed along to city leaders. "Good planning can get a lot accomplished on behalf of the military while protecting the health, welfare and safety and tranquility of the men and women who live there."

However the Marines' Company Commander Dan Whisnant says, "We had press releases going out this week. We had a previous planning meeting a final planning conference essentially in January and everything was good to go.

News 11 asked people if they think Mayor Finkbeiner's decision is right.

One woman we asked says, "No, I feel we would have welcomed the marines."

"They're here to protect us. The mayor has no say in what they can and cannot do and I don't think the citizens have a problem with it," says another woman.

"I think Carty scares the people more than the Marines scare the people," says one man.

Thurber's Thoughts has posted that the Toledo City Council will announce an initiative at 3PM Central Time showing support for the Marines and will demand the mayor apologize.

Good on the Toledo City Council. Maybe this anti-Marine stupidity will be nipped in the bud without any more looney mayors and councils trying to throw Marines out of Dodge. The Toledo Marines threw al-Qaida out of Fallujah and Finkbeiner thinks he can do what AQ couldn't. Moron.

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dcat said...

Folks that think they can survive without the military belong to the stupid club!

If that asshole carty was bleeding in the street I would walk on by!

It's all in a name did ya notice :D FINK-----

Indigo Red said...

I thought the name appropriate, too.

don said...

What idiocy! The U.S. Marines are welcome anywhere I happen to be.

Anonymous said...

So Carty thinks the good citizens would be scared of seeing MARINEs, I think that scaresme more.

Reminds me of the 70's when they used to ever get mugged call a hippy. Just who does he plan on calling if he has a skyscraper burning from an airplane hitting it?

Indigo Red said...

The good thing about both the Berkeley and Toledo incidents is that Democrats are hanging out their liberal lunacy for ridicule. The only ridicule needed is to publicize it.

Like Don and Anonymous, I have never been frightened by the sight of a Marine. I have been struck speechless out of sheer awe, but never scared.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

As a kid, he probably didn't know Santa Claus was coming to town, either.

"I think Carty scares the people more than the Marines scare the people."


Gayle said...

"Fink", the first part of Finkbeiner's name, is very apt, Indigo.