Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama's African Roots

Kenya has been torn by ethno-political volence since the December 27, 2007 election in which President Mwai Kibaki was declared the winner. Observers and opposition candidate Raila Odinga claim the election was riddled with irregularities; no one seriously believes the election was anything but a fraud.

Barack Obama, Democrat presidential candidate, has attempted to mediate the strife between the two ethnic groups. Obama, an ethnic Luo, has often spoken with Odinga, the Luo leader. Kibaki is the leader of the Kikuyu tribe. The troubles have claimed about 1000 lives so far and shows little sign of abatement.

The two tribes have attacked each other with bows and arrows, clubs, spears, machetes; the most personal of weapons. The young man in the photo has a typical injury - an arrow in his head.

At the start of his presidential campaign, Barack Obama touted his African roots. He even went to Kenya with a press entourage to visit his black paternal grandmother and family. The videos of the African visit was often used to establish his African-American bona fides.

Obama doesn't trumpet his Kenyan family ties so much anymore. More recently, he stopped in Kansas to meet his white great-grandfather's family to establish his Euro-American bona fides.

It makes me wonder.

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Mike's America said...

A West African who lives in the U.S. now and is an Obama supporter called into Rush Limbaugh's show yesterday to say that George Bush has done nothing to help Africa. Apparently, he's unaware that Bush is in Africa being lauded as one of the most caring of American Presidents.

And of course we can see that Obama's efforts to help Kenya has been as empty as all of his rhetoric on the campaign trail.

Indigo Red said...

The Presidents aid to Africa has been very quiet for the entire time. I think we will see in the coming months more good works by the US and the Bush Admin. We haven't stopped helping Indonesia after the tsunami, but it isn't in the news.

Tom C said...

Hmm I see a comercial here..... For those really tough head aches when asprin isn't enough.........

Indigo Red said...

You mean Bayer won't work?

dcat said...


Oh did you notice it is going to his head too! The way he was caring himself. fffftt!

Is he gonna do what Oprah did and give money to Africa with our tax dollers once he is in the house...I am prying that never happens!

Marie's Two Cents said...

President Bush has done more for the African people than ANY American President according to those that have commented on every stop he has made in Africa!

Some of the stops he made the people had been waiting for an American President to stop in thier Country for the last 30 years!

He has donated more money and equipment to fight disease than any other President EVER!

Oprah cant even compare to what Bush has done for Africa.

All she did was open a school that was soon surrounded in scandal.

Bush has actually done something to fight disease in Africa.

It's been a good trip for President Bush and America that's why the Libtard news isnt reporting it!

Indigo Red said...

Mosquito netting costing less than a dollar each has saved thousands of lives and prevented countless illnesses. Thanks to Geaorge Bush.