Saturday, February 16, 2008

Normalcy Comes to Iraq

Real progress in Iraq is not found on the battlefields, or in closed door political meetings in Baghdad, but in the lives of ordinary people. Sulaimaniya, near the Kurdish border, has a new women's basketball team with a U.S. basketball coach.

A women's's basketball team was only a year ago completely out of the question. People, especially the 160 girls who showed up to try out, would have been risking their lives and the lives of their families. Today, life in most of Iraq are safe enough for normal life to return, life without fear of death for simply playing a hoop game.

First women's basketball school in Sulaimaniya

Baghdad -
Voices of Iraq
Saturday , 26 /01 /2008

Baghdad, Jan 26, (VOI) – A U.S. basketball coach opened the first women's basketball school in Sulaimaniya city in an attempt to revive the sport and boost its popularity, Iraq's basketball federation chief said on Saturday.

"On Friday, a U.S. coach, Depp Backot, inaugurated a basketball school for women with the aim of training girls and holding training courses for coaches," Hussein al-Amidi told Aswat al-Iraq, Voices of Iraq, (VOI).

According to al-Amidi, 160 girls applied for the test and only 50 have been chosen to join the program, which aims to boost the sport in the country.

All of the school requirements have been provided, al-Amidi indicated, noting that the U.S. coach has chosen the closed hall in al-Sulaimaniya Sports Club as a headquarters for the school.

Backot has completed a tour of schools across the city to raise girls' awareness of the sport.

Sulaimaniya, one of the major cities in Iraq's Kurdistan region, lies 364 km northeast of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.
President Eisenhower said, "People want peace so much that governments are just going to have get out of their way and let them have it." Whether or not Islamofascists, or traditionalists, or clerics, mullahs, and imams like it, a brave new world is descending on Iraq and it can't be stopped. Normal life has come and people like it.

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Gayle said...

And just why is it that I have to find out about this on the internet, Indigo? The MSM should be blaring all of this progress, but no! With the exception of Fox News sometimes (not nearly enough) broadcasting good news from Iraq, there is almost nothing out there. I do understand that the MSM is mainly made up of liberal Bush haters, but I've also concluded that they hate America as well. There's no other explanation for them to deny the progress we've made, or to deny the real threat of terrorism.

Indigo Red said...

I very much wish it wasn't so, Gayle.

Most of the planet's people believe that great events take place within the grand illusion of great states. I have learned the greatest acts occur among the most common of places and people. Places like Ajo, Az., Homer, Al., and Sulaimaniya, Iraq.

Today, Kosovo joined the family of free nations. The independence declared could not have happened without the steadfast support of America and the President who came to the aid of Kosovo, Bill Clinton. And he came from a small town called Hope, Ak.

Marie's Two Cents said...

How about those apples :-)

Indigo Red said...

There's so many apples out there, you would think there was an orchard; so many orchards you would think George Bush was Johnny Appleseed.