Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Indigo Red Live-Blog Voting: Proposition 92

Prop. 92:

Establishes in state constitution a system of independent public community college districts and Board of Governors.
Generally, requires minimum levels of state funding for school districts and community college districts to be calculated separately, using different criteria and separately appropriated.

Allocates 10.46 percent of current Proposition 98 school funding maintenance factor to community colleges.

Sets community college fees at $15/unit per semester; limits future fee increases.
Provides formula for allocation by Legislature to community college districts that would not otherwise receive general fund revenues through community college apportionment.

In a state that allows illegal aliens to get a college education at the same cost as a native resident student, why would I want to favor this? The current fee is $20/unit per semester. I had to pay my way through the Junior College system and then the State University system. As I advanced, the fees increased because those folks working on campus received pay raises which the students paid - it's a user fee.

These college kids want an education, well here it is - GET A JOB! You want an education - pay for it yourself, it's your education, I already have mine. For hundreds of years, hundreds of millions of people have attended colleges and universities quite successfully without demanding the taxpayers foot the bill. A little less partying and more time working for your own future; you won't like it now, but you'll appreciate your education later. And don't major in Liberal Arts, no one really cares how basket designs influence the sexual dynamics of New Guinea natives. Actually learn something that will get and keep you off the public dole. Then you will understand why smart folks are Conervatives.

I vote: NO

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