Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Indigo Red Live-Blog Voting: Proposition 91

Prop. 91:

Prohibits certain motor vehicle fuel sales and use taxes, that are earmarked for the Transportation Investment Fund, from being retained in the General Fund. Currently such taxes may be retained if Governor issues a proclamation, a special statute is enacted by a 2/3 vote of the Legislature, repayment occurs within three years, and certain other conditions are met.Requires repayment by 6/30/17 of such vehicle fuel taxes retained in General Fund from 7/1/03 to 6/30/08. Currently repayment is generally required by 6/30/16.Changes how and when General Fund borrowing of certain transportation funds is allowed.

This an easy one because the proponents of this initiative are urging a NO vote. Normally that would be stupid of the guys who brought the proposition. But this time the question was settled by Prop 1A in November 2006 that does nearly everything Prop 91 would have done.

It forbids the Legislature from taking the gas tax dollars collected to build and repair roads to use on non-transportation projects. One would think that a road building and repair tax woudn't need another law to specify the money can only be used for transportation. Welcome to the real world.

Alrighty then. I vote: NO

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